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What the hell, people? Like the OP was supposed to psychically sense why their coworker was leaving early. Don't worry about it, OP. People have fucked up a lot worse than you.

OP you didn't know! just say sorry ):


jerkk move I hope yu said sry afterwardss(:

you dun goof'd

not a jerk move if OP didn't know, just unfortunate that that was the reason, sucks to be you OP, get a better job? lol yeah, I think it sucks more that you don't like your job because your co worker should forgive you if you apologise.

You meanieee! JK! ;P You apologized after, right?

i am so trollin kthx baaaaaiiiiii

youre black ^^^^^

You're a giant question mark ^^^^

YDI for being bored out of your mind at work, then telling your coworker he was lucky to leave early, when you remembered he was leaving for his grandfather's funeral.

you have a dike haircut person who replied to my racism.

You have a hard time grasping the english language. Pointing out that someone is black, isn't racism.

Actually i'd like to point out when I'm in "trolling" mode I enjoy being illiterate. kthx il go bak 2 talkn lik dis

Mercy, that could work for this FML. Maybe OP could cheer up his co-worker, by convincing him his grandfather isn't really gone. He's among the living dead! This could work. Good job on the interpretation. :]

I would hire you, then again, I would be just as bad as you, if not worse :P

Dike haircuts are sexy... O.o

Lol, my hair is down to the middle of my back. He tried though, that's what matters.

Wait... Is that even you in your picture? Or an old picture of you? Your hair doesn't look like it's down to the middle of your back. I'm so confused. Ugh. Be right back, I shall go sit in the corner with my dunce cap.

It's up in the back. The hair thats short is my bangs. That picture is fairly new. I suppose I didn't realize that it looked short, because I know it's not. :/

muffin basket? :D

that sucks OP I agree with FFML and mercy. you should try cheering him up!

YDI for not having a funeral to go to as well

OP...asshole much? I know you forgot BUT STILL! >:(

And the guy is a black belt in karate and whooped ur azz tell us the WHOLE story or Ima have to lolz!!

7- Actually OP did know. If you read the FML it's says "I forgot".... Duh

haha how considerite of you

HAHAHA Yeah, this is REALLY funny upon first read :D After that, then it's just kinda sad :c *snort*

How was op supposed to know?

#72 probably was told before but then forgot. It happens to everyone

Wow! Way to be an awful person!

OP you didn't know! just say sorry ):

The OP did know, he just forgot.

He forgot, he already feels bad not need to make it worse people.

aww it's ok OP. but it's more of a FYOURCOWORKERSL

haha #4 is a winn:) and op, thats pretty sad.. hope you apologized

op. fyl but more of a FHL. but most fyl that say I Was Bored in it usually is a YDI. but fyl. fhl.

most fml*** sorry

Don't feel bad OP. :] Everyone says stoopid stuff without thinking sometimes.