By aninnocentonlooker - 04/12/2011 05:35 - United States

Today, I was driving my drunk best friend and his "new friend" back to his house. Halfway, this new friend started to give him head. FML
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Nothing beats a good BJ.

Did you keep both hands on the wheel?


Nothing beats a good BJ.

Tis true, tis true

leadman1989 15

Tries to think of something that does. *head explodes

SpruceDread4578 13

14-Which head are we talking about?

16 - of a beer of course!

Win for the best friend

Hes probubly just given i a tip

I would have aimed for every pot hole....

Damn don't you wish op specified of the genders of the new friend and of op's self? I have many different thoughts and comments for each gender scenario...

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

16- are u retarded? It's pretty easy to tell its penis head when 1 says "BJ" and the FML says "head" when everyone knows that means BJ

crazyladydaisy 4

61: are you retarded? He was commenting someone else who said "head explodes" so he simply asked "which head?" Read more carefully before you start making an ass out of yourself.

Wanna give me one?

I'm pretty sure a good round of fucking beets a BJ.

aus1095 4

79---Would have been better except it looks like your with your gf (could be a sister or cousin ig)

aus1095 4

Sorry triple post by accident iPhone..

aus1095 4

Would have been better except it looks like your with your gf (could be a sister or cousin ig)

RedPillSucks 31

Fucking Beets would be a new low in my life. I'd prefer a BJ (not a Beet Job)

lolthatscute 0

83: notice how she said nothing beats a *good* BJ ? not just any BJ, some people suck at BJ's. oh, wait no pun intended..

Now I love a good hard fucking, but sometime I just crave a good hard cock in my mouth.

did you join?


Gotta love road head.

Like the movie The World According to Garp. Stupid kid... shouldn't have cheated with your teacher... you deserved it being bitten off.

tzuriel11 9

So how is this an FML?

npalese22 2


I hope this friend is human

I hope this friend is a woman

Homophobic much?

Do you think this friend is an animal or something? It's obviously a woman..

Robophobic much?

oh i had hoped his new friend was a two headed monkey-walrus with rainbow colored stripes

RedPillSucks 31

@56 Why does the new friend have to be a woman?

imthatguythatdid 0

Doesn't matter, got blown.

89, Because not everyone is comfortable watching two guys getting it on, and that is the only way this could really be considered an FML situation, unless there was a seat to be cleaned.

UrCapsLockOn 12

if his friend was a guy .. would make it more interesting FML

Stop hating! Let your friend get that bj.

Did you keep both hands on the wheel?

Only the left hand

He's just trying to get aHEAD of the game

Fuck his life, not yours mate.

I'm pretty sure he thinks his life is fairly decent. What with strangers giving him head.

That's where you suddenly hit the brakes (wow, auto-correct turned "brakes" into "beagles"... That would have made for an awkward comment)

Commiecakes 0

The one truly effective way to stop a bj. Hitting a beagle

Gotta love autocorrect!

Aha, that comment made me laugh :) I can just imagine someone saying it in a serious tone while shrugging just for laughs.

feldco1 17

I would have slammed on the breaks and watched to see what happened.

As long as it don't turn out like miss march...

tacovender 7

Prediction: CHOMP!

^^ I cringed when I read your comment

RedPillSucks 31

"The world according to Garp"

I hope this friend is a female.. o-o

Would that matter either way?

Nope! It wouldn't! I enjoy performing this act of mine and I'm a male :D

builditbetter09 3

What's that at the end? The frame of a car?

JinxosGirl87 0

Political correctness on FML. "Not that there's anything wrong with that..."

I hope so too