By rapunzel3416 - 30/08/2013 09:23 - United States - Colton

Today, I was yelled at once again for being in the school gym without a coach present. I am the coach. FML
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rapunzel3416 tells us more.

Yay I'm the OP I'm happy this got posted. I'm 22 and coach girls volleyball. A volunteer basketball coach didn't recognize me and thought I was a student. This happens when we go to away games too. The coaches of the other teams will tell me to leave until my coach is here and even some high school students think I'm on the team. I think it's pretty funny and am glad I still look young.

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Still look young ? You're 22 of course you still look young

Just blow your whistle; it's like a badge of authenticity.


SmallyBigs 9

Try growing a mustache or something

Username is Rapunzel so I think OP is female.

If this is a common occurrence I think its time OP gets a little more familiar with her staff

Who say's a woman can't grow a mustache? They are pretty handy after all.

SmallyBigs 9

Nothing says "I'm an adult!" Like a grown woman with a mustache

67 - Or a actually grown adult. Op could be a student coach

Just blow your whistle; it's like a badge of authenticity.

ThatGuyWhoTalks 10

Or OP is role playing as a coach and doesn't know that he's a student.

InfernoVivo 12

Sounds like you actually need to be using the gym!!!

Take it as a compliment, you must look rather young (:

Goblin182 26

When you are in your thirties and look to youg to be a teacher = compliment When you are in your early twenties and look to youg to be a teacher = not so much

It's always a good thing to look young, because it will be a blessing when you're older!

challan 19

I am 20 and often can order off the kids menu. I don't mind because my mom still gets carded, so I know that will be me!

I'm 20 too and I know exactly how it feels! @43

Same here! People love to comment how I look so young for my age. Tell me that in ten years, please.

RedPillSucks 31

sucks when you're dating someone who looks too young and you come off looking like a pedo.

NSN82 13

It's not always a good thing to look young. Imagine what it will be like when she's ready to have kids. People are going to be extremely rude to her because they'll assume she's a teen mom.

Why should the other people's opinions matter? She'd know how old she is, her husband'd know how old she is. Why would anything else matter?

Emergency remedial biology classes are in order.

moosetracks22 10

Why do some people say "grow some balls?" Balls are weak and sensitive. Grow a ******, those things can take a pounding.

Schizomaniac 24

Well that wasn't blatant plagiarism. You should be ashamed of yourself, 31.

Why do some people say "grow a ******"? Vaginas are weak and sensitive. Grow carbon steel, those things can take more poundings.

moosetracks22 10

Really 35? Typing a well known quot e should make me feel ashamed? You better start shaming all the people who quote Family Guy on here then, because they're doing the same thing I did.

Hey. Don't knock Family Guy. That show is awesome.

Schizomaniac 24

Yeah. Don't knock Family Guy. How dare you speak ill of such a quality show. DOWN WITH THE NAYSAYER.

challan 19

I'm a cheerleading coach, and quite often people assume I'm on the squad. It just means you look young, OP! Take it as a compliment.

perdix 29

#7, They just wish you were on the squad ;)

sematariux 7

She looks good enough to be a cheerleader

challan 19

daferk.I'm pretty sure if you're the coach then you SHOULD be able to go in the gym by yourself.maybe I'm wrong but that seems like the logical thing.

I don't think you understood the FML, you might want to re-read it.

hcollins1 18

OP is implying that the people yelling at her think she is a student, not the coach.

glamorous18 10

the reason they're yelling at the coach is because they think he's a student.....maybe I'm wrong but that seems like the logical thing.

pwnman 33

...Well.. Did you do anything about it?

perdix 29

People often don't take the Quidditch coach as being legit.

RedPillSucks 31

How the hell many 6'1" girls are at this school?

perdix 29

#60, if they're any good at volleyball, all of them!