By Anonymous - 18/05/2009 06:45 - Canada

Today, I was drunk and crashed on my friend's couch to sober up. On the drive home, a cop pulled me over for seemingly no reason. He kept asking if I had been drinking, to which I answered no. Finally, he told me to look in the mirror. My friends had written all over my face while I slept. FML
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People... He crashed on his friends couch long enough to sober up! At which point all he was thinking about was his own comfy bed! He didn't look in the mirror because he wanted to get home. It makes sense! OP... Light weight! Never fall asleep first!

If you were still too messed up to see the writing in your mirrors, you shouldn't have been driving.


Yikes. Always check yourself before stuff like that happens.

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what did the writing say!? and the cops can't do nothing if it was innocent writing.. unless the writing says ''i am drunk''

how could you not notice in the mirror? second comment

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haha nice default pic :DD but yeahh I thought the same thing. wouldn't you have noticed in the review mirror?? YDI dumbass. but I have to know... where was the penis located? cause everyone knows that alchohol + guys + sleeping friend + sharpie = penis SOMEWHERE!!!

If you were still too messed up to see the writing in your mirrors, you shouldn't have been driving.

My brother had the same thing happen not too long ago... The cop laughed as he walked away, and said "You have 'PENIS' written on your forhead" My brother was pissed because the cop laughed at him...

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If you were too stupid or drunk to have noticed before the cop pulled you over, I hope you got arrested. Unsafe driving is unsafe driving, regardless of the reason. I only wish they could give you a 'driving while stupid' ticket.

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you don't even look in the mirror wheb you wake up? probably because you're goddamn ugly. YDI

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Did your friends induct you to the "pen15" club?

Does it really matter as long as you blew below the limit?

I can't know if you deserved this until I know if you passed out with your shoes on or not. If you did, YDI for breaking the rules of the party. If you didn't, your friends are assholes. No matter what, you should always wash your face in the morning.