By THOMASisMYname - 06/07/2011 17:06 - Canada

Today, I went out drinking with my friends. Being safe as we were a little intoxicated, we took a taxi back. The cab driver was also drunk. FML
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Shadow_Phantom 26

Dude... report him. For someone who's entire job is driving, he really should not be drinking.


flockz 19

ya your life is just so ******. get out and get another cab.

Jojo08_fml 0

hahaha yeah if the dumbass cab driver let's em out!

if you realized he was drunk, why not get out and report his ass? Don't let him drive you home, stupid!

yummycupkake 0

lemme decided to take a bus back home. and the bus driver was intoxicated too!

simply_improper 1

he wasn't drunk, just criminally insane. SSI cutbacks to blame.

sourgirl101 28

I loved playing "Crazy Taxi"!!!(: OffSpring's "All I Want" was the background music!

I still listen to them!! Today's music sucks.

iluvboobies 9

Report that bastard's sorry ass! Not only he's risking his own life, but the lives of innocent people (inside his cab, other cars, pedestrians).

iliveinthesky_fml 0

Agreed. Makes you wonder about people sometimes, does it not?

DKjazz 20

How can you be so sure they survived? ?_ô

There's a whole 'medium writes FMLs' business going on. :P Fairly lucrative, as long as you live in a country with an ectoplasm to legal tender exchange.

"Being safe ... we took a taxi back." Taking a cab doesn't mean you're safe. Just (probably) safer than driving drunk yourself -- under normal taxi circumstances, i.e. the driver NOT being intoxicated.

Sgt_M_G 0

I have to say most drunk drives live for some reason. it's like there jelly ^_^

jillianmathers12 13
jillianmathers12 13

#72, it's actually an advantage in car accidents not to tense up and brace for impact, so drunk drivers, with their slower reaction times, tend to fare better.

that cab driver is an idiot, drunk driving is nothing to laugh about

unless you like Justin bieber, then please be my guest, drink and drive..

and your profile pic is incredibly offensive (yes, I'm Japanese)

TheHabeeb 2

what the **** dude how is that offensive, also how do u know that is Hiroshima or Nagasaki?

krista2009 0

cause he obviously thinks drink driving is cool. they could of been seriously hurt

Well since your posting this, that means you survived so yay!

f**k it #47 is right that's totally retarded to talk like that ur kinda a douche

47 and 79 - caaaaalm down please :) take a joke lol

MzCherry29 0

Should have him playing Confessions of a Cabbie!! lmao

flockz 19

it was july 4th who can blame him?

19, many Canadians celebrate July 4th. I sometimes do for the hell of celebrating something.

flockz 19

oops sorry didn't notice. but thank you for being so irritated and distraught with my comment that u just got the urge to call me a dumbass. next time i'll be sure to check because damn you frighten me and i don't want this to happen again.

19, I live in Vancouver, and the July 4th Firework Show was better than the Canada Day one.

skrillex99 0

yea it was in Canada, why the thumbs down people? they don't celebrate 4th of July in Canada!

#52- you obviously didn't read the posts of #26 and #46

I'm Canadian and have never celebrated Independence Day nor have I ever known any other Canadians to do so (minus the two above posters).

flockz 19

well 65 im American so i don't know but i imagine that you might se july 4th celebrated in Canadian cities closer to the border. idk how close you live to the border but you might not see it as much. for example i live in texas and alot of people here celebrate cinco de mayo which is the mexican independence, even though i have never been to mexico lol

Miss_Andi87 0

cinco de mayo is not Mexican independence day (that's in September, if I remember correctly) may 5th was the celebration of the mexicans victory over the French army in Puebla, Mexico in 1862

sxe_beast 11

Don't Canadians celebrate Canada Day on July 1st, which from what I can recall is fairly similar to our Independence Day (July 4th)? Don't the Canadians shoot of fireworks, have air shows, have parades, go to carnivals and all that fun stuff? This FML very well could have happened on the 1st.

flockz 19

74- u just proved how often i stay awake in history lol and to all u die hard canadians who are baffled that anyone from your country would celebrate the 4th of july im sorry again for not noticing where op was from.

cc_the_beast 6

They're still relaxed on impact generally. Babies tend to fare better in similar cases of trauma also for the same reason.

Yes sir, it's Canada Day on July 1st. It celebrates confederation (we became a country). I live very close to the border actually. I won't say where due to my staplers. I suppose if July 4th fell on a weekend some Canadians might use that as an excuse to celebrate something (the War of 1812 perhaps haha).

You're right. I'm Canadian and all of my Canadian friends celebrate July 4th so do our communities.

who the **** wudnt be scared, he got batman and robin on his pic!

choose8 0

Why didn't you just wait for another cab?