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Today, I played Taboo with my boyfriend and my conservative family. It was my boyfriend's turn and his word was "cherry". His only clue to me was, "I popped your..." He was the only one who found it funny. FML
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Classy clue by your boyfriend.


smiley1014 23

Classy clue by your boyfriend.

His sense of humor, I'm guessing, was not of your likes?

"he was the only one who found it funny" What do you think gave it away???

yoursucklives 36

i think it's a very good clue. cherry is the only word you could have guessed! i would have found it not only funny, but clever!

Taste like a berry Rhymes with hairy Losing it is painful Because delicious it's very. What am I?

Taste like a berry Rhymes with hairy Losing it is painful Because delicious, it's very What am I?

The word was balloon!! Balloon dammit!!

19- When the dad threatened to kick the bf's ass

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Your backne spells city bank in Braille

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Balloon! He popped my balloon, Dad. ..oh, you were looking at the card to make sure he didn't say a taboo word?


Umm. I'd be too scared to say that in front of the parental units.

That game is high pressure! Sometimes it makes you say things to win...

He isn't the only one who finds it funny. I laughed, makes it 2!

how did it make it in your list of favourite fml's then? just wondering

I actually laughed too. That makes it 5.

Hehehahaha it's funny because he's fat.

yoursucklives 36

her and her family must be very conservativ and lacking in humor to get offended by such a clue. i think it's funny.

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It never says the age and I'm guessing you wouldn't run around yelling that to your parents. (I still think the FML is funny)

Did you get the word right? No need to lose points, right? I love "Taboo"! It a super fun game.(:

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Maybe this is the reason why it's called "Taboo" in the first place

Wow. I really like my bf's parents, but I never think I'd be able to say anything like that around them. Then again... I wouldn't say that around anyone...

Thanks! He looks like his mum ^^ on topic - I really wonder what made him think it was funny (or even okay) to say that... O.o

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Well now we know he's an honest guy.

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Butt cherry? Darn it I was so close.