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Today, a man tried to rob the winery I worked at by knife-point. I managed to scare him off by throwing a bottle of wine at him. My boss fired me because I broke a $25 bottle of wine. FML
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jecarper 4

Man... If I were you, I'd **** him up, bust his tires, sleep with his wife... SOMETHING.


tell him you were christening the store

This just shows you didn't get fired for this. He just doesn't like you and this gives him a reason to fire you.

you_freak 7

OP need to meet "Ninja Waitress"!

jecarper 4

Man... If I were you, I'd **** him up, bust his tires, sleep with his wife... SOMETHING.

Or all of them. Pull like, an Oceans 11 on him

sushi55555 6

how do you know a girl didn't write this??

I'd assume Sushi was pouring out that if OP was a girl, sleeping with her bosses wife wouldn't really be much of a payback option.

Torva_fml 16

Because if it was a she, her boss would be thrilled that his wife is having sex with another woman. (assuming he watches)

Only slash 3 tires because insurance covers all 4 slashed only.

Is that even a legal proper ground for firing an employee?

Yeah. Nowadays it's a right to work type of deal. You can be fired over anything.

I heard of a banker who was fired for fending off a bank robber, which was actually against company policy. Some companies require their employees to cooperate with the robber so that nobody, from the employee or employees to customers, are endangered. If an employee tries to fend off a robber, which does pose a threat to him or herself and the customers, a boss can terminate you from his or her employ. All of this is assuming that the OP isn't telling ALL the information about why he or she was terminated.

guckylynn 19

8, I don't think you know what right to work means.

We have a poster at my work with guidelines on how to handle a robbery. One of them is 'do not use weapons.' Using a bottle of wine as a weapon is proooobably not ok for a variety of reasons. Let's not overlook the fact that OP acted in a violent matter. I'm guessing the termination was more about OP's conduct than the value of the wine.

Yea acctually it is. They can fire you if you have a tatoo they dont like or somethin little. Its all bs these days

There are rules that should only be enforced if something goes wrong. This is one example. If the individual responded that way and someone got hurt, then fire them if you're so inclined. If they responded that way and essentially saved the day they shouldn't be punished for it. Personally I find in intense situations like that there is very little thought that goes into an individuals actions, as such there really shouldn't be any repocussions for the actions that can be deemed an appropriate human response.

guckylynn 19

So now that I've thought of it, number 8, what you're thinking of is an "at-will" type of employment. Right to work means that you cannot for any unlawful reason be terminated and become unemployed. If you are fired in a right to work state, there had better be solid well documented evidence. Firing without cause in a right to work state allows for the former employee to file a law suit.

I think the OP had a right to act in a violent way since it was to defend themselves while being held at knife point.

- So, why did you fire OP? - She saved my shop from being robbed :( - What? That's a good thing! - You kidding me!? She broke a $25 bottle of wine!

So ... Your boss values $25 retail over staff being injured and losing even more money. It sounds like he did you a favor - he's a huge DB!

Reading your acronym the first thing that came to mind was 'dickbutt'. Hm.

Besides...$25 for a bottle of wine is not that much...

Except that by fighting with the robber, many employers would say you're putting yourself and other employees in way more danger than by just going along with everything.

#34 i thought the acronym meant dickbutt too.

Rule #18 Don't stand by and let a robbery happen.

missamazinggg 12

I don't think 14 understood this.

builditbetter09 3

Pretty sure rule #18 is to limber up....

50- Yeah, but I don't think there was a love interest in distress here.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't rule #1 Cardio? I can't remember. Poor fat bastards.

72- Not only did you write it wrong, its completely irrelevant.

Your boss is stupid! You bad mouthing what happened and gaining sympathy from the community could easily effect his business.

feldco1 17

Sorry to hear that but at least you won't have to work with such and inconsiderate boss.

seeing how you can scare off an armed robber with a wine bottle, you should become a security guard next.