By Sam - 03/12/2011 10:03 - United States

Today, my friend and his girlfriend got in a fight while drunk and he started walking home. While driving around looking for him, I accidentally hit him with my car. FML
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Kinda sounds like it's from a movie.

Get your liscence revoked. People like you make little children scared when they cross the street.

If op's friend was wearing bright clothing like you are supposed to at night or reflectors then this would not have happened. I assume it is at night because how do you hit somebody during the day.

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Tell him he is dreaming he won't remember in the morning or tell him he fell down the stairs

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Ron and sammi are at it again? Your a good friend jwow, don't worry

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women drivers tisk tisk tisk

hopefully he was so drunk he wont remember it, and you can tell him he got into a huge bar fight

So the first thing you do is post on FML?

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That doesn't apply anymore. You must be new.

that is if OP didnt go to jail or anything like that

i was gonna say tell him his girlfriend hit him

Today, I figured out my girlfriend has been cheating on me with my best friend, so I broke up with her. As I was walking home, my "best friend" hit me with his hummer. FML

45- wrong website for you to be on. Go back to Craig's list

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Hope he doesn't remember anything once he wakes up!

20 points if the OP hit him at a higher speed.

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30 points if he jumps out of the car while moving