By Inconnu - 18/06/2011 05:13 - France

Today, I was holding my drunken friend's hair while she threw up in the toilet at a party. She said, crying, "Y'don't have to do this..." I told her that that's what friends are for. She replied, "Yeah, but I did sleep with your boyfriend..." FML
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NikkiFlysKites 8

That's when you shove her head into the toilet.

haha slap her then dunk her head in the toilet... then run... an dump your boyfriend... and go find a guy in a club to sleep with... problem solved OP!


bARbi3_d0Ll 0

"boo you whore" -.-

sweetcheeksjvl 0

time for a swirlie!!!!!!

Ah drunk people, they never fail to remind me of my grandmother. She started hitting on my bf, until she found out he was gay, then she started saying we'd rot in hell. Good times!

Shove her goddamn face in the puke filled toilet and keep it there for a few seconds.

lmfao well the truth comes out when you're drunk

Veraymix 6

Yep, that's about the time I would have shoved her face in it.

shaniecerb 0

yeah.i would drown that bitch.and when they found her body and checked for cause of death,they would find throw-up chunks in her lungs

yepadoodles 3

to the first comment: shut the fuck up you fucking whore


NikkiFlysKites 8

That's when you shove her head into the toilet.

Stressed_Student 2

Don't forget to flush! After her head has been in there, of course. :)

she should have shoved that girls head into the porcelain rim.

flighted 1

I couldn't have said all of that better myself. Fuck her shit UP, op. swirly style

I wouldve done that if that was my friend ;D

I would have asked why the hell she didn't let me get in on that with him

Easy there, people. What if she slept with him before OP's relationship? Granted, it's unlikely, but still possible.

Bang-on. Don't have to be a total jerk though--a couple of courtesy flushes wouldn't go amiss

I was honestly just about to comment that until I saw yours xD two great minds think alike

Flutist 3

@94-- then why would she say, "I slept with your boyfriend." That implies that she slept with him while they were dating. The fact that Op said, "This is what friends are for" and the friend started crying and said that admits guilt. If it were before that then there would have been no problem having Op know.,

Alicia17C 2

exactly if she slept with him first then op would have been in the wrong for dating him after.

ahaha that's is what I was going to say!

Alicia17C 2

meaning that isn't a possibility and the friend is a bitch...

haha slap her then dunk her head in the toilet... then run... an dump your boyfriend... and go find a guy in a club to sleep with... problem solved OP!

brbgirl 0

lol yes!

flighted 1

lol I bet if op sleeps with some random dude, they're be a new FML about a cheating boyfriend, a whoreible best friend and gonnorhea ha

Yes.Be a slut to prove a point. That's seems to be all the rage these days.

Yup. The next Renaissance! Where puking in a public bathroom isn't a rare occurence, it's expected!

shout out to being trini

Iwashere12345 0

good plan dude I might just have to use that one day.. :D

Alicia17C 2

not a random guy at a club, sleep with his best friend! an eye for an eye.

funk her face in the vomet water in the toilet.

ItWasAllWorthIt 0

Yes, funk it right in.

right in that vomet water

ppatty 0

dam lol

let's funk in Hoover Dam.

let's get funky down in funkei towwwn !

1215116a 14

The truth always comes out when drunk...

Now that it does!

Meowth, that's right!

Dunken words are sober thoughts...

CaramelRainbows 2

That was the perfect opportunity to shove her head in the toilet with her puke still there, then flush it.

after shoving her face on the toilet. collect some vomit and throw it on your boyfriend's face.

But 'collecting vomit' seems very gross!!!

What a whore -.-

Sure, its never the boyfriends fault right? Idiots...

It's both of their faults, idiot

skizzlerz 0

yeah they're both whores

except man whores dont exist, they're called players and there awesome :)

Or male prostitutes, whichever you prefer.

72 - male whores are calle giggalos, not players. Player is the term used for an individual competing in an athletic event or video games. Or the douchebag's way of saying "man whore"

At least she's remorseful. Still, find a better boyfriend and friend.

remorseful doesnt mean shit. with your logic that means we can all fuck each other over but its okay coz we will feel remorseful afterwards. shouldnt have happened in the first place.

So, I can commit murder, but as long as I am remorseful it'sx okay then? Swwweeeeet' Now where'a that list....?

I think her logic is that at least she knows it happened so you give her a 5 second grace period? Hell to that I wana hear about some teeth being flushed down a toilet!

skizzlerz 0

Mistake? That's a little more than a mistake. a mistake is doing something wrong and not knowing at first that it was wrong. She knew that it wasn't even CLOSE to "right" when she fucked her friend's boyfriend. Mistake my ass. Even if she was drunk when it happened, there had to have already been some feelings or want to do that there for her to have done that with him. And the boyfriend is just a cheating asshole.

I say ditch em both. people never change. they just put on a different mask.

To wit your reply should have been, "I know, but I was doing your daddy since we were 13".

At least she told you.

delia_24 0

yeah cuz she was drunk!