By Anonymous - Ireland

I heard that

Today, I organised a romantic day trip for me and my boyfriend to some tropical gardens. I packed lunch and paid for the tickets. He decided to bring a friend, who doesn't speak English. The only thing that he said that I understood was that, "Your girlfriend eats a lot." FML
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  DocBastard  |  38

Ooh ooh! I was SO hoping someone would say this so I could practice my KaySL impersonation. *ahem*

Listen you fucking nutwagon, of the roughly 1.8 billion English speakers in the world, only about 1/6 of them spell it your way. The people that INVENTED the fucking language (that would be the English) decided to spell it "organise". Who the fuck do you think you are to correct them?

  fadingaway  |  17

@11, no, dumbass, it's organised. OP is not American.
I'm not sure if people from other places spell it the American way, but I'm from South Africa (we use British English), and I was taught in primary school that we spell things like organise and realise with an s, whereas Americans use a z.
I'm pretty sure there are more places that use ''organise'' rather than ''organize''. You are uneducated and outnumbered.

  marinus_fml  |  19

Pretty good English for a South African. I've been living in Australia for 12 years and I can barely structure a sentence as good as that. Unless of course you are of the English speaking Afrikaaners?

By  Casuality  |  6

What language was he speaking? Maybe that's not what he meant, because some phrases have more than one meaning. And even if that's what he meant maybe the people in his country don't eat much. Let it go, it's not THAT bad.