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Today, I woke up to find a parking ticket on my car. My car was in my driveway and the cop who wrote it is my ex-boyfriend. This is the third time. FML
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exactly why I don't trust cops. they constantly abuse their power and don't actually do their jobs. though there are exceptions to the rule, I feel like most are extremely dishonest though.

Same! when I was young all I wanted to be was a police women but now when I watch proggrames about them on tv there just abusive idiots with little petty laws.

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It's really ignorant of you to generalize all police officers just because you ran into the bad ones

Well it's rude to call some one ignorant when it's soley based on their opinion.

Him losing his job would be great, he's obviously not mature enough to weild the law. Hopefully his superiors are decent and honest. However, there's a chance they're not. Police tend to stick together. FYL OP, and I really hope the police in your town are honest, rule-of-law types with integrity.

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I think we could probably assume she dumped him for reasons unknown. but I don't think he would do this if he dumped her. either way that guys a jerk. fyl OP, you should go to the cops..oh wait.

um 104 you usually have to go to law school or something to become a cop. my ex is majoring in law and he's either going to be a federal agent or a cop, probably the first. so don't call them stupid. many are dicks, yes. but not stupid

You fought the law, and the law won....

90% so 9 out of every 10 are corrupt.. don't think so

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You have to go to law school to become a cop? hahahahaha if you go to law school and end up a cop you seriously screwed up somewhere. Most have only a high school diploma.

104, I doubt about 145.5% of what you wrote, because 127% of all police officers go to law school and 209% of me wants you to get some facts and actual numbers before you corrupt us with your brutal ignorance.

95% of cops give the rest a bad name.

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I know lots of people who when to law school and became police officers. They wanted to understand the law but weren't interested in all the crap that goes on the the court room.

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all cakes professionally made have dowels in them. if they didn't they would fall over

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Police on my town suck. My family and I were threatened to be killed at like midnight one night and my sister called the cops and they couldn't come out because there was little wreck. They just said to protect ourself and shoot them if we had to. Thankfully the girl who threatened to kill us never showed up. We prosecuted the case and it was dropped. Horrible. FYL OP. Good luck with everything.

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As the daughter of a cop, I can assure you that the majority of cops actually are not bad. I know almost all of the ones in my city and the neighboring one, from beginning officer to the chief as well as the detectives. Of them all, I would saw only a couple may be arrogant or abusive of their power. The guys stick together and will support each other unless they are dead wrong. They typically won't support someone giving them a bad name. If they do get rough sometimes, you have to remember that they don't know you. For all they know, you have a gun ready to pull and shoot at any moment, and they have to act as such. My dad, like many officers, won't even go into public with my family because he is afraid someone he has arrested will associate us with him and then we will become a target. You have to remember that every time they put on the uniform, they are risking their lives. OP: I suggest calling the PD and asking the officer on desk who the shift commander for 3rd shift was last night. Or, if you are unsure of the shift, ask him what shift Officer ___ was on last night and who the shift commander was. Then have him transfer you to the shift commander's phone. Ask for a meeting. Leave a message if need be. Tonight, I suggest taking a picture of the odometer in your car after you park it for the night as well as a picture of the car in your drive. In the morning, if there is a ticket there, snap the two pictures again. Make sure all the pictures are dated and time stamped.

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I agree with 149. Not all police are horrible. As was said above, some do abuse their power and think they can just do anything. Just because you are a police officer doesn't mean your king of the world, you know what I mean?

95% of statistics are made up ;) My father was a cop and the process in Australia is extremely difficult to pass. The weekly tests must have answers that are word for word correct and the practical ones and physically intense. I know of a lot of people who just don't make the cut. Don't be too quick to generalize on a few experiences.

107 Im not sure how it works out there but here in Canada you are sent to Regina to the training ground and you only need to be a highschool graduate

I am a police officer and it makes me sick that I risk my ass day in day out for ungrateful idiots like you. you know absolutely nothing of the world buddy, the difference between me and you as men is that you see trouble and you run away and expect someone else to deal with it, I run to the trouble, you get robbed, who deals with it? you or a friend get threatened, who risks their lives to help? I could go on but u don't deserve my time. I bet all you think you know you got from the media. people like you are just all talk, the amount of shit I have seen and had to do while you go about you everyday probably flipping burgers.

holy crap, someone with common sense. you are indeed a rare sight these days =P

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162: Thank you for inadvertently supporting what I said. It isn't easy being an officer or being in the family of an officer. It is nothing but sacrifice and living in a glass house. People watch you from all sides to see if you mess up. Thank you sir for joining the Brothers in Blue and for sacrificing like you do. How often are you honestly thanked for doing your job? If you're like my father, it is next to never.

thank you sweetthing, yeah the thanks are very few and far between but I'm sure like your dad, I don't do the job for recognition. I just hate getting bad mouthed by ignorant idiots when it's my life out there, not theirs. send me a message if you are ever bored, I always have time for good people like yourself

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I am not saying all cops are completely corrupt but a bunch abuse their power even if it's just a little bit. A lot of them have good intentions but sometimes they abuse their power for minor things.

I would also like to note there's kinda a difference between cops who run to danger, and cops who just catch speeders all day. oh and 126, stfu. I don't know all about it but I know my ex has done way more shit than you ever have. He was an Army Ranger, served in Iraq for 2 years and was shot three times. He saved many civilians and US soldiers lives, and on top of that he was the leader of hid platoon. Law school isn't a requirement, but it's a good decision. Because of his service is why many doors are open to him to protect us. If I were him I wouldn't want to protect you, but I know he would cause he's not an immature little prick like you.

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That doesn't matter. Even if she had, gasp!, cheated on him, then would still be abusing his professional responsibility for completely irrelevant, personal issues.

While I agree that generalizing and saying "x% of cops are assholes" is likely not correct (without facts and source to back it up). However it often seems to me that a certain type of personality tends towards Police positions (or any positions of power). Some are genuinely good people who want to do a positive service. I have the utmost respect for these people. However, some are assholes who want to go into positions of power because that power was/is lacking in some other parts of their lives. These folks tend to be the ones you hear of at least once a week on the news somewhere in America when someone has been pepper sprayed or had the shit beaten out of them for saying something rude to a police officer. Sorry, I don't give a **** what you have done to "protect the community" If you are beating the shit out of people for no reason, or writing your ex-girlfriend tickets to feel powerful/get revenge then you fall into the asshole category. People in positions of power (Cops included, but not exclusively) also have a great responsibility not to abuse that power. Those that don't have my utmost respect, as stated before. Those that do abuse that power are the lowest pieces of shit in life as far as I am concerned. Not all cops are villains... not all are heroes. It is real life after all.

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cops are abusive in one way or another it is only until they are caught being corrupt that they will either apologize for their behavior or if really serious just leave the force and work with another county. and when I called the police when my house got robbed you know what thy said? "Sorry nothing we can do, no breaking and entering if you see the guy who stole your stuff and can prove it's yours, call us back." that's when I bought a 12-gauge and sit outside my porch now. I'm not a hick either, chicago city boy.

It's like with the muslims, you hear about ONE group of terrorists and everyone assumes all muslims live to bomb everything they see, just because some people do wrong things, doesn't give anyone the rights to put them in the same box as the innocent and honorable people most police officers and muslims are. No matter where in the world, there'll always be a good cop/bad cop scenario

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None of the cops I know went to law school, and they work for several different departments here in California. A few of them have bachelors degrees in something unrelated, which apparently helps with the application process. Of the dozen or so cops I know, I only know one or two bad ones. They are, for the most part, above the law.

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most only as the cop training course that's it. especially in big cities. that's all that required.

a lot of my brothers in blue have law degrees, some have forensic sciences degrees etc, that is the ones without prior experience in field work. I didn't go to uni myself as I was in the army and went to Iraq which was looked on as good prior experience but the training is very long and arduous and only the strongest of mind and body got through, I would give my life for any of my brothers and so would you if you knew what we go through for ungrateful dicks to throw it back after watching some crap on the news.

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wow. haha. cops don't go to law school, LAWYERS go to LAW school. cops go to BLET with just a high school diploma. If a person goes to law school for the whole 7 years and becomes a cop instead of a lawyer, there really stupid.

to the officers posting comments ya I get that most of you are legit but when u hear on the news and watch vids of police brutality it's sickening I read a story of a drunk native that was arrested for being drunk in public and he was taken back to the station, hog tied and tasered to death. I also seen a vid of a guy who was on his hands and knees cooperating the whole time and the cop came and punted him in the face while he wasn't looking it was pretty bloody too. you cops will never get the respect you deserve until all the corrupt cops r put in jail which will never happen

244 - you must not have read the rest of the comments. and if you did, you are the stupid one.

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Just hope he gets assigned prison duty and drops the soap

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#258 - It doesn't matter if I read the rest of the comments or not. You were the one who stated that you have to go to law school to become a cop. I just corrected it. Sorry you can't handle that.

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i hate that cops always act like people should worship them for ticketing people, and occasionally doing something truly heroic. i respect cops that do their job. but when they bitch and moan about people disrespecting them, all while they abuse their power, then im not going to even feel bad if they die in action. my cousin was raped, but the cops contaminated the dna evidence and the charges were dropped. they didnt make any effort to catch the guy. legally he is still aloud at my school. i get to see him every day, and you know what? the cops at the school give me shit just because im a skater. im actually a good kid, but these arrogant assholes think they know everything based on my physical appearenced. what they dont know is that i was molested and the charges were dropped because they "couldnt find the guy." i gave them his name, phone number, address, work address, and the phone numbers of some of his friends that i knew. ya, he was soooo impossible to find. so dont think the news is the only source to the corruption of police offiicers. i witness it, hear about it, and even experience it

For everyone saying most police officers go to law school, no they don't....I'm not saying they're stupid, but learn what law school is. The vast majority of officers either graduate from some sort of college, or have some military experience. Law school is graduate school. if you attend law school, you're not in it to make a cops salary. You're shooting for something higher, like a lawyer.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I have nothing against cops but I don't judge them based on there position I judge them on they type of people they are. Some are corrupted by the power like it seems op's ex is. The thing is people are saying that's why I hate cops. the op ex is a dick if he wasn't a cop he would still be a dick. Cops are people some are dicks but there are a lot who truly believe in what they do and would lay their life for someone else. for the good cops out there I thank you for what you do. for the dicks out there go screw yourself.

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ALL THESE COMMENTS ARE LONG. I really don't understand what you guys are fighting about . after reading all of the comments you all basically end up saying the same thing. it goes both ways

93 so what if she cheated on him doesn't make abusing his powers ok

actually 107, many states and counties only require potential cops to have completed their high school diploma or GED. very few cops go thru further education training. the most that the majority have in most locations is an associates degree in criminal justice which, quite honestly, is a very easy major, but still not required as the police force sends new officers to their own police academies.

Ok, a Cop can just about murder someone in cold blood while on duty and he really only ever risks losing his job. If you give someone a lot of power with almost no accountability what do you think will happen? and everyone saying they are cops or know cops, that is pointless, the most horrific atrocities and evil acts are more often then not committed by people who "think" they are doing the right thing oh, an cops do not go to law school, you go to a training course for like 2 months at a community college and they probably only even hold it there because they can use the gym for free

/facepalm. Who the **** said cops don't go to law school? If they care about their education and knowing the law, they could, and they should. Not everyone depends on getting by on the bare minimum like you. That's why you end up saying incredibly stupid things like you just did.

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they're talking about America different standards seeing as how our country wasn't made up of criminals.

Valdrek: here's my policy toward cops. you do something heroic, and I'll treat you like the hero you are. you act like a dick in a power trip, I'll treat you like a dick in a power trip. I personally can't stand people who say that because they hold X position that they should automatically be respected and that their opinions should be gospel. I've met plenty of cops who are genuinely nice people, who like engaging with people and take their job as defenders of the public good seriously. but until I've seen that personally, all you are to me is someone in a position of power. I'll let your actions fill in the blanks. and whoever said cops go to law, most do not. if they have, good for them, it means they'll probably be smarter and more rational about their approach to handling crime. but don't pretend that all of them do.

In canada, cops and the RCMP have a bad rep and for a good reason, last year they stuned guned a polish man to death for yelling in polish for help but none of the rcmp could speak polish so they tasered him to death trying to shut him up

Ummmm, well I know you need to take a training class for about 4 years. And I do think you need to go to law school.

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Fighting it, is still a pain in the ass and time out of your day! FYL OP, I hate going to court!

sourgirl101 28

Fighting it, is still a pain in the ass and time out of your day! FYL OP, I hate going to court!

sourgirl101 28

Fighting it, is still a pain in the ass and time out of your day! FYL OP, I hate going to court!

sourgirl101 28

Fighting it, is still a pain in the ass and time out of your day! FYL OP, I hate going to court!

Whoa sour o.o posting 4 times xD fail

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I don't understand why it posts like that sometimes. If you look , it's all sent at the same time. I swear I don't have OCD!(:

sourgirl101 28

I don't understand why it posts like that sometimes. If you look , it's all sent at the same time. I swear I don't have OCD!(:

sourgirl101 28

I don't understand why it posts like that sometimes. If you look , it's all sent at the same time. I swear I don't have OCD!(:

OP should just fight the ticket anyways. better then wasting money on the stupidly written ticket from a jealous/angry ex :S

do it. if he's done it three times, he needs to be fired and get a life

i dont think cops write tickets though commesionores do though the people who take money out ofthr parking meters

Can't you report him for that or is it actually illegal to park in your own driveway.

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Livinia she can report that and also fight it in court as long as she can prove that other people in her neighborhood are doing the same. also that is her own property and the only way she can get a ticket is if anyone reported the crime

Just because "everyone's doin' it", doesn't mean she's exempt. Everyone speeds, but only some get speeding tickets. If she parked illegally, the ticket is valid, no matter who wrote the ticket.

cgchamp your an idiot, parking in your driveway and speeding are not the same thing next time you think about saying something do us all a favor and don't

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It's illegal if you're blocking the sidewalk in some city's.

Some complaints are in order. Try the sheriff, the mayor and the DA.

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Maybe if you got rid of your stash of maryjane then you wouldn't be in trouble with the fuzz?