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Today, while on a vacation, I tried to step out of myself and flirt with this boy who I thought was cute. He was going along with it and nodding so I thought it was working. Then he opened his mouth and I realized he didn't speak English. FML
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Flash him your boobs. Now that's a language everyone can understand.


even so I'm pretty sure he could tell what you were trying to say by the tone of your voice and facial expression

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Whats the problem its better when they don't speak : )

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I agree who needs conversation either way

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Haha. He sounds like a keeper XD

Instead of flapping your tongue in your own mouth your should have been flapping it in HIS mouth. He would have gotten what you were getting at a lot faster then.

Flash him your boobs. Now that's a language everyone can understand.

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YDI for trying to verbally flirt with someone you haven't even spoken to. Hard up?

How is 'verbally flirting' not 'spoken'?!?!?

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He probably DID speak English, but just played dumb because he wasn't interested.

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lol yeah actually I've done this many times when I went to the States. "ai dawnt spik ingleesh!" lmao

You can't assume that because you don't know her vacation location. I go to Mexico a lot on vacation and I flirt with a lot of Spanish guys who you'd never guess what language they are fluent in. It's hit or miss.

How long were you talking? i mean did you just go over then with a stream of babbling because surely you'd start with something along the lines of "hey" allowing you to immediately realise the language barrier rather then making a dick of yourself? YDI

except almost everyone can say "hello" and the like. Even if you don't speak a language, if theres a lot of it in your area (like tourists) then you'll pick up a few simple phrases.

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