By TheThirdWheel - 04/06/2013 19:11 - United States - Grand Rapids

Today, I found out my boyfriend is bringing his friends on our trip. I'm now the third wheel on the romantic trip we've planned for a year. FML
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Noah, you said "friends. " That makes you the spare tire that they keep locked up in the trunk! Have words with your boyfriend if you want anything to be done about this.

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I can hear your frat boy boyfriend already: "bros before hoes"


That is unacceptable and insensitive! But if he insists on bringing them, then you should bring your friends too. It's only fair.

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He brings his friends and she can bring hers. Sounds like an big old fashioned orgy to me. I can't think of anything more romantic than an orgy.

Dude..what the heck? That's not funny

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not funny but a great beginning to a porno

That, my friend, is called a deal breaker.

This is called a commitment problem. He wanted to avoid an intense couple session so he downgraded it by inviting his mates. Been there done that.

Noah, you said "friends. " That makes you the spare tire that they keep locked up in the trunk! Have words with your boyfriend if you want anything to be done about this.

So if you are the spare tire then you are basically the fifth wheel.

Maybe he's gay and wants to be romantic with the guys. Never know. ( this is a serious post not a troll post. )

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which would basically still mean the same thing

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Jeez, lets hope they don't *actually* keep OP locked up in the trunk...

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I hate when I plan romantics and they don't work out.

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Did you plan and pay for the trip? Because if you did, you should be able to make the decision of them not coming.

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They could be going on a camping trip seeing as OP is in Michigan. The friends would only need to bring their own equipment.

I guess that's all Michigan is good for.

OhDearBetrayal 25

65- Well, what other kind of trip is there where people can join you last minute? Certainly not anywhere that requires a plane ticket because those are expensive.

76, although a lot of people can't afford a plane ticket some can just buy one at the spur of the moment. Also, we don't know how long left until the trip and we don't know how long they've been in on the trip. The boyfriend might just have been hiding it from her. Never know.

#76 Loads, for instance they could've rented a cabin. I feel for you OP, my boyfriend has also invited his friends to our vacation for the last couple of years, and they don't pay accomodations, only the food they eat (luckily it's not the only trip we make a year; but it makes him happy so I learned to be okay with it). Talk to him about it, OP, maybe they can stay for half the trip and you can still do the most romantic things you put on the list? I hope it works out!

45- maybe it's different in Michigan but I've never heard of anyone taking a year to plan a camping trip. I'd think if you need to plan it for a whole year it's because it's something big and/or expensive, like a trip to Australia or a bunch of places in Europe or something. But then I don't understand how the boyfriend just invited his friends along to something like that...

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she said they were planning it for a year, he would of known I'm sure she made that clear

and it also says the romantic getaway they were planning, meaning the two of them

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That's not true. I was planning a romantic trip for my boyfriend and me once and he invited his friends. Eventually I told him I wanted it to be just us and it was no problem. Sometimes we assume people understand our intentions when they never realize what you wanted.

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I'm with you, 6- miscommunication happens all the time, idk why everybody's voting you down. Did being sensible suddenly become unhip? Eh, what do I know?, I'm getting old.....

If you never specifically say something, you can't expect people to know. I feel like OP would have said something along the lines of "he knew this was a romantic getaway for us" but she didn't. So I can safely assume that no one has specifically said hey this is a romantic getaway for two.

75, I'm not sure you can safely assume it. I'm not saying you're wrong but just because the way they've written it isn't clear doesn't mean it's definitely that.

I know but assuming doesn't set things in stone. It's an assumption for a reason. By "safely assume" I mean that it's reasonable to think that it is the situation they're in from the information that's given.

Just put your foot down and tell him they can't come. This is supposed be time together for just the two of you.

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Oh wow. I don't know what to suggest that isn't a bad idea. Maybe bring a friend of yours if I'm assuming right you're going to be the only female on this trip. And when the trip is over have a serious talk with him. That isn't fair that happened after a year of planning went into it.

I think the serious talk should come before the trip. And I really don't see how fighting fire with fire is going to help him understand why what he is doing is inappropriate and rude. If he can't be made to understand that, and agree not to bring his friends along, then it may be better to cancel the trip altogether.

I don't think it's a case of fighting fire with fire if she brings a friend. She would need some company of her own but I only feel that because she's posted "his friends" and it leads me to believe they're not mutual friends. Could be though, we don't know. I think, depending on when the trip is and also if it's too late to back out of it, OP should confront her boyfriend in a tactical way because we don't know how he'll react. He may react in such a bad way that the whole trip is ruined.

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Talk to your boyfriend about this. Maybe ask him if he can plan another day with his boys, since this trip means so much to you. I'm sure if you clarify this with him, he'll understand.

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