By Aginsafa - United States
Today, at work my boss told me I have been late, under-productive, and using up a lot of sick days. He says my job is on the line. My reason for barely showing up at work: I've been on maternity leave for 6 weeks. FML
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  kiltsaresexy  |  4

As long as they are a full time worker, they can't lose their job for being pregnant. I got laid off when I was pregnant from a job I had been at for two years with no explanation other than "Well now that the holidays are over, we don't need as many people, and your sales aren't as good" That was a some BS.

  shaubygal  |  11

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  ShutMeOut  |  0

Stop with the wrongful termination crap. I hate reading this all the time. AT WILL EMPLOYMENT! Plus, even winning a wrongful termination case wouldn't give you enough cash that you could retire. You fail at law and math. lol

  Gstone  |  4

you fail 114 cuz if they win the case they can have enough money to not work for the rest of their life, it just depends on how spendrift they are, so if they spend little money or move to another country that their currency gives them the advantage it is possible, so you sir fail at reasoning possible scenarios.

By  mk58  |  31

Show up for work and ask him if he thinks you can actually work in this condition... wait, don't. He might actually say yes because he's an idiot.

  instantmusic  |  4

Yea, sounds to me like he was just doing his job...probably should have saved the job threat as a last resort, but employee performance is his thing. He's probably just disconnected with his subordinates(like most managers in my experience) and had no idea she was on maternity leave.

If OP provides the proper paperwork and reminds her boss of her situation, then he'll probably spew some BS to make himself not look like a dumbass and retreat back into his office, dropping the matter. If he persists, THEN its FHerL, and THEN she needs legal consultation.

  honey_bee_fml  |  1

instantmusic, I agree that's disconnection with subordinates/co-management is probably at fault here. However, it IS his job to find out more information on a case before he goes and threatens an employee's job. If he feels that she is late, out too often, not being productive, etc., and is considering firing her, he should talk to her supervisor before talking to HER in order to keep things like this from happening. I don't care if he's never even talked to her one-on-one before, let alone keeps track of why she is out of work...this is a pretty big mistake to make, and it does not say much for his ability as an employer/boss.