Romance is corny

By ipopnlok - 29/06/2009 06:31 - Australia

Today, I planned a romantic dinner with rose petals, the whole lot, for my ex-girlfriend to win her back. When I took her to my house, I told her to guess what I had planned, to which she replied, "I hope it's not a stupid romantic dinner with rose petals and shit." FML
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''romantic dinner? hell no, we're going to Wendy's''


CryingHowls 0

exactly. you should know if she even likes that cheesy stuff. i wouldn't get back with someone who doesn't even know what i like.

owlcansing 0

I was thinking exactly the same thing. If she's going to refer to something like you planned as "shit", then obviously she's not into it. Time to move on. YDI.

these guys have it right! what is with all these smart people on the internet today? >.>

elara15 0

I'm so glad someone else is saying these things! Everytime I hear a guy on Valentine's Day or something complain that his girlfriend didn't like a stuffed animal or flowers, I wonder, do they really expect women to swoon over such generic sentiment? Or just expect us to be grateful for the effort? It really is thoughtless... even if she might have been a bitch about it.

curryndricegirll 0

I just want to know why you'd even want someone like her back, and if she's really worth getting back with...maybe you should know her tastes better. Otherwise, it's just a done deal for you.

Bingo. YDI for trying to "win back" an ex. For ****'s sake, she's not a prize, she's a person, and one who doesn't like you at that.

michael32123 0

I think u Shuld forget the dinner and go do some titty titty bang bang up stairs

hey,be grateful she is ur find a girl that likes that stuff...

meg8 0

YDI for not knowing your ex-girlfriend very well. it really annoys me when guys assume all girls like that cheesy type of romance crap (no offense if you do) and don't bother to pay attention to what the girl actually likes. cheese makes me naseous.

UGH same here. When people make cheesy comments or do cheesy things I end up getting so pissed off that I flip out on them and then leave.... It's just so cliché and ANNOYING.

jeanniner 0

well that's your fault for trying to win back your ex. No matter what you do, you are both the same people, so the same problems that existed when you were together will still be there. Believe me, I know from experience.

Things and people can change. They could work out their differences and problems.

jesbar95 10

If you actually knew her you would have known she doesn't like romantic shit. Maybe you two shouldn't be together

anonymous100000 17

I agree. OP, she's your EX for a reason. it's just not meant to be. let it go. and I'm sorry; but YDI for obvious reasons.

lmmmr 0

Maybe you should have verified that she was interested in getting back together first. You kinda deserve it, buddy.

"with rose petals and shit." I hope you were smart enough not to scatter shit all over the room!