By Anonymous - Denmark
Today, my boyfriend dumped me because he says I need to learn how to be happy without relying on him. I'm not a clinger, I'm just unhappy because my dad recently passed away, my best friend turned on me, and I lost out on the exchange program of my dreams. FML
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  londoner86  |  13

he was probably hoping the exchange program would do the break-up for him, and then when it fell through he realised he'd have to step up... so sorry OP. But if he couldn't handle you unhappy then he didn't love you too much, so be glad he's gone and find someone who's really into you. good luck!

  VeganVampyre  |  26

Or her other friends. However, (I'm gonna be totally cliche here, sorry) life does have its ups and downs, and while this is certainly a terrible down, it has to get better, hopefully soon.

By  jazalea8  |  16

It is good to find out now that he is not going to stick around. If you got married, he would leave you then too. He is a jerk and does not understand through thick and then (or for better or worse)!!!!