By Teeny - 05/05/2018 05:00

Today, my creepy co-worker informed me that he was going to stick his "peeny-weeny" in my "teeny-vageeny". FML
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please please go to hr! that could be considered a threat of assault


Funny story: My Biology teacher was a former medical student that decided she couldn’t handle a medical student’s demanding schedule and became a teacher instead; she thought it was funny that she was teaching her toddler the proper names for sexual organs. A few years later, my younger sister informed me that my former teacher was regretting her decision because her now grade school-aged kid came home from school and exclaimed: “You’ll never believe what they call penises!” Hope that brightens your shitty day!

please please go to hr! that could be considered a threat of assault

Nhayaa 21

I really don't get how some people can choose to click "you deserved it". My, my... we live in a very strange world.

The YDI givers of this FML are probably creeps like OP's co-worker.

they probably thought he was just "trying to compliment her"

I've pressed it accidentally a few times. It happens.

Yeah, and she's also a tease by having a vageeny. If you don't want to get hit on just stay home I guess.

HR is gonna have a field day with this one.

Do you think his time’s up? Me, too.

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I hope you told him that you were going to call the policey-weasy and put his arsey-darsey is Jailey Wailey

Maybe you should inform someone about what he informed the police.

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There are some people who make me regret being a human.