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Today, I told my boss about a coworker that had been hitting on me. She looked me dead in the eye and said "I was afraid that would happen. He's a bit of a chubby chaser." FML
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A real MFSOB. Report both of them to HR.

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OP is a jerk, Why not just tell that coworker you don't dig him. Instead of possibly getting him introuble

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Maybe she has told him that's she's not interested... And really, work is for working, not looking for dates. He overstepped the coworkers boundaries, so who cares if she gets him in trouble. Why should she feel uncomfortable for his inaopropriate conduct?

I have the impression OP's boss is probably joking, the whole 'looked me dead in the eye' bit gave me that impression. There was a Chief Petty Officer under me who used to do these real serious bits, where he'd call people into his office, and yell and rant at them, then give them their promotion. He was a funny ol' ******.

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Keyman, no one cares about your shitty little stories and how they don't relate to the FML. Start your own thread, octodouche.

His chief petty officer was "under him" being snorkeled, what happens in the navy, stays in the navy. Real cool Eric Massa.

37- Hey that same petty officer says no one cares.

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I get so tired of women, yes I am female, who run and tell the boss on men who tell a joke they don't like or flirt with them. It's ridiculous be an adult and talk to him first, if he doesn't stop give him a final warning that you are going to the boss. Ydi op or being one of those annoying whiney women.

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61 - for some reason I read that as "anal warning"

40, the only reason you have 10 thumbs up is because you're famous on FML. Other than that your comment is rude.

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I think someone's jealous cuzz they arent popular lol

umm isn't a chubby also a hard-on? maybe that's what she meant. (:

Did anyone care to notice that her name is ALSO "Chubby"?

It's more like, "get of his nuts". It's what makes this place such a pussy farm. And not the good kind of pussy. I like that kind.

Stupid bad kind of pussy farm. Everybody getting of his nuts, like squrriels and shit.

Say "if that's so, why isn't he after you?"

*She Yeah, it's a shame people can't speak their mind in the workplace.

There's no concrete evidence that the boss is fat.

Because baseless insults are "smart" remarks, dumbass.

If you werent so jumped up your own ass, you'd of taken it with a punch of salt, pal

The phrase is "pinch of salt," pal. I don't see how you could infer I was "jumped up [my] own ass" from my completely neutral comment, but it's expected from someone who makes baseless claims.

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Cool your jets guys. And it's "grain of salt." Now we can all sit back and play nice :)

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"to take a statement with a 'grain of salt' or a 'pinch of salt' means to accept it but to maintain a degree of skepticism about its truth" Pinch, grain, but no punch... Bishes :D

Sounded like you were correcting her to me #70. And I like "punch of salt". It's a play on words here people. #41 SERIOUSLY?!! What's the point? Does someone have issues or what? Oh well, I'm sure you're already in therapy for it.

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*grabs popcorn* This is better than tv.

Looks like there's a grammar Nazi on the loose!

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^^we need a gas chamber for these chronic misspellers. Why do you hate the English language so much?

There's also no evidence that the employee is fat

126 excuse me lovely, but it was a joke. Ever heard of one of those things? It's what people sometimes, laugh, smile, or giggle at. Sometimes this procedure can occur inside the head too, if you are in a public place and do not want to be seen as a little odd, just laughing at an electronic device. A good day to you, ma'am, even though I'm British :)

I see where you're going 5.. When you think about it, there are only win/win possibilities : 1. Say "If I'm chubby, then you won't be able to stand up." 2. Sit. 3. a) Boss can't stand up, problem solved. b) Boss can stand up = you're not chubby.

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Don't let her get you down, OP :)

Because she won't go down...because she's chubby and it might taste like raw spinach! Eww

O.o you boss owned u and seems to have a thing for that person

And this is a bad thing? Everyone knows that fat bottomed girls make the rockin world go round.

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Well duh, they cause the motion in the ocean ;p