By Anonymous - 18/12/2015 10:17 - United States

Today, I started my new job at a small business. I was pretty excited to finally be working, until I found out the big boss is a creeper and sees no problem making comments such as "You're way more interesting than the rest of these slope-eyed fucks." FML
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Until he deems her uninteresting and calls her horrible names behind her back as well

"Take it as a compliment!!! Duuuh!!!" -___-

I don't think he would be able to be fired. OP says they work in a small business, which means the boss most likely owns the place. They may just have to search for a new job.

Can someone explain to me what the problem is? I don't quite understand.

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It's a racist term about Asians.

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Did you miss the creeper part as well? Cause that's an FML even without the racism.

That's the perfect opportunity to look at him dead in the eyes and say, "Actually, I'm greatly interested in the number of slope-eyed workers employed at this company. The ratio of slope-eyed to standard workers is roughly 47 percent higher than that of the general population. I'm looking forward to conducting further research."

You should defend them, it's not nice and you wouldn't like if he talked about you like that , unlucky OP that you're under him

That's the part where you tell him you are part Asian and then watch as he stammers his way through an apology

Are you sure he would apologise? To me the boss seems to be enough of an ass to not to.

I don't think he'd give a damn. He'd probably just start calling OP a slanty-eyed **** as well. Or a race traitor or something.

I don't think the OP's boss would give a slopey eyed **** about that.

Comments lick that are racist to say the least, your boss is treading on dangerous ground