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Today, during a work meeting, my boss leaned over to me and whispered, "I suggest we fuck". FML
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I would've responded with "I suggest you ****... Off."

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Alright then. That's not creepy or inappropriate at all...


Maiq you sexy son of a bitch you're at it again

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From the looks of this FML I would say that yes, OP is pretty mad.

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I really hope you never get a position of power if you think there's no problem with this.

Sexual harassment is never an acceptable thing at work whether the harasser is male or female. It's actually the exact kind of thing that should be reported.

Is there any chance that there's something going on between them outside work?

#5 is actually kind of right. It's only sexual harassment if you tell them to stop and then they persist afterwards. Not saying that the boss is right for what they did, but it's technically not sexual harassment... yet.

So if my boss were to grab my ass, it's not sexual harassment until I tell him to stop and he doesn't? I'm sorry, but that's wrong. What op's boss did was inappropriate and is sexual harassment.

#35 Yes it is inappropriate, no it is not sexual harassment. It wouldn't hold in a court of law. If they grabbed their ass, chest, or anything else along those lines then that would be different. Verbals can't be held in court unless it's beyond vulgar or they've been asked to stop and still continue.

I think at this point it's less of a court issue and more of an HR issue

I don't know what 34&37 are talking about, but yes if someone grabbed your ass in the work place, that is without a doubt sexual harassment. Regardless of you saying to stop and they continue or not. But that is an HR issue. Things like this aren't taken immediately to court.

Is this case sexual harrassment though? I've heard that its sexual harrassment if the superior makes it seem like "**** me or you're fired" but if they just ask and you turn them down and they don't ask again its not. But I've also heard that anyone in a mangerial or superior position who requests this is also sexually harrassing the victim. I'm not sure which scenario is correct so i thought I'd just ask.

@5 Coming from a boss makes it immediately sexual harassment. If it was a coworker, a warning would be needed before this escalated to sexual harassment.

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Anything said or done at work that makes someone else feel uncomfortable is considered harassment.

Except he didn't grab OP's ass he suggested they **** which yes I agree is wrong on many levels and not ok in the slightest but if that was the end of it and he didn't persist than that's not sexual harrasment

#60 and others: no. A person in a position of power should not ever suggest to a subordinate that they should **** (or proposition a subordinate in any sexual manner). It is highly unethical, most likely against company policy, and most definitely sexual harassment. Because it is OP's boss, there is already an uneven power balance. Because the boss has power/authority over OP, the threat to OP's job is implicit. And it completely undermines OP's comfort level at work. OP needs to report the boss. I cant believe, in 2015, this needs to be articulated....

First of all read his message the boss said a suggestion he didn't grab her ass and wait for he/she to reaping so u are stupid and need to learn how to reas

Says the one who refuses to learn how to spell.

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Grabbing ass and silently proposing **** time is not the same thing. They're both creepy, yes, but once someone grabs your ass that's sexual harassment no matter how you look at it.

I believe the boss is a girl because the Title is M, which could stand for Male, so he could be male

katydid91 31

Alright then. That's not creepy or inappropriate at all...

I would've responded with "I suggest you ****... Off."

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Someone has been watching too many adult movies...

Report him. There is a zero percent chance that he either hasn't done this before or won't do it again. Yes, this is something you report on the first offense. It's not like he's gonna back off because you said "no thanks." That's not how creepy, disgusting assholes function. And yes, I'm aware it could be a woman.

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should of leaned to him and said "I suggest you go **** yourself."

Quid pro quo? You proposition me at work, I **** you good and hard in HR and court.

I don't know what positions you are suggesting.... but I think it's going to be a pain in the ass