By mothtal - 03/06/2012 16:13 - Bulgaria

Today, my boyfriend picked me up to take me on a date. Just as we were about to drive away, my dad ran out of the house in his underwear and started yelling that he'd kill my boyfriend if I wasn't back home within the hour. FML
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Sounds like he's already killing you by suffocation.

but what would they do for the other 55 minutes??


Sounds like he's already killing you by suffocation.

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^ which now proves that your username is true. Congratulations on accomplishing that.

He is taking away her freedom and therefore suffocating her. OP, you got a crazy dad. I feel sorry for you and your boyfriend.

The dad said within the hour. Most movies that I am familiar with are more than one hour. I would suggest maybe 2-3 episodes of spongebob pre-recorded to skip through commercials and some popcorn... At the girlfriends house.

....Wasn't the girlfriend the one that posted it?

Hey, all he said was to have OP home... Grab something to eat and movie night at OP's house? Just a suggestion. Also doesn't go against her dad's rules ;)

After that sight I doubt the boyfriend wants to be anywhere near her house....haha.

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That just went Right over your head, didn't it 64?

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Sounds like a loving father..

What does he expect you guys to fo for an hour?

but what would they do for the other 55 minutes??

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Three 15 minute quickies and then drive her home

That's funny, i'd laugh about it if I was your boyfriend

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Yeah, just forget about the overprotective and possibly drunk/insane man wanting to kill you and laugh it all off! (I say drunk, because why in the world would he run outside in his underwear just to yell at his daughter?)

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Just have a date at your house or go to the park. There's a lot of things you could do close by your house and not have your boyfriend murdered :)

See what I mean? "At least...". Once you start noticing this meme you'll see it on every FML.

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That's a nice image to remember...

Could of been worse images of without the underwear

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Well, were you back within the hour?

Actually she's posting this from her boyfriend's funeral.

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Maybe this was posted during the hour which OP's father so generously allowed them to spend. I can already see the other FML about her boyfriend's funeral...