By Emma Five - 14/03/2012 03:22 - United States

Today, my dad was driving me to college. I'd cracked a joke about how old people like him shouldn't be allowed to drive, and I guess he took it personally, what with him speeding straight up to the parking lot wall, and only braking after I started shrieking in terror. FML
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YDI for being mean and insulting the elderly

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I think it's safe to say you proved your point.


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YDI for being mean and insulting the elderly

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She probably shouldn't crack any road rage jokes either. Thats just asking for trouble!

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#1 No she didn't ur dumb. She was making a joke and he took it personal. Can u not read the FML?

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#28 your an idiot jokes can be mean and she got what she deserved

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32 - LOL. Well said! 31 - The irony #32 speaks of is referring to you insulting someones intelligence when you don't understand the difference between your and you're.

"your an idiot jokes can be mean and she got what she deserved" I also like how she insults someone while calling that person out on being mean. Hypocrite much?

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I'm a guy thank you very much.

I think she shit herself but didnt mention it.

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K first comment pika pika out window after drunk hysterical picture... And u shouldnt insult people it is mean.... All your fault....

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I think it's safe to say you proved your point.

OP's father was just teaching her the sound of forgiveness. Screaming... and then silence.

The game of "chicken" can be played against a wall?

I wonder what would have happened if you didn't scream. Just sat there with a blank look on your face as your closing in on the wall.

Moral of story: don't call parents old if they are driving

B****, please. It's all about the theme: death comes quick.. especially with 4-ton transporters.

B****, please? I'm sorry we don't have any boxes here. Oh! You meant "beach please"! Well we don't have beaches either. Unless of course you asked for a break, well of course! Have a break, have a Kit-Kat.

I am addicted to those cookies and cream Kit Kat chunkies. Omg, drool worthy!

Ydi for being a girl and saying someone else cant drive

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It depends how old he is I guess ... Since he's your dad I'm guessing not old old ... Like 70 - 90. Lol it's funny though!! I guess he just took it the wrong way! Haha!

70-90?!?!?!? How old were you when you went to college? I went to college at age 17 making my parents around 40.... obviously OP is young if he still needs his parents to drive him to school.

I think they were trying to say that 70-90 would be "old old," not guessing that op's parents were that age. It's just worded strangely.

I think it makes perfect sense, 70-90 is clearly meant to be an example.

Lol I didn't see the "not" :D my bad!!!!

One day you will be old so you are insulting your future self

Don't piss of your parents. they brought you into the world and I think you know the rest (your dad from fallout 3 says that if you shoot him)

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God, how I love Fallout 3 :,D

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Ydi for not driving your damn self!

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agree if hes in college he should be driving

#42 Number one, OP is a girl. Number two, some colleges don't allow their freshmen or sophomores to drive. OP doesn't clarify what year of college she's in, so I'm assuming that it's her first or second year since she was being driven.

42, I was 15 when I started college, not all college students can drive themselves to school.

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This may be proof of your theory. Mood swings, bad driving, and the next thing ya know, he is using your t-shirt as toilet paper. Just kiddin'! .")