By Anonymous - 30/06/2011 07:24 - Finland

Today, I introduced my first serious boyfriend to my mother over dinner. He is Asian. My mom insisted on calling him "Ching Chong". His name is Kevin. FML
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Hahahaha I'm Asian & I find this hilarious!!

salvorican 24

Wow.. At least she didn't insist on calling him Jackie Chan


rucka rucka ali lol

Rucka Rucka FTW (:

Mrrevorp 0

Ching Chong it is!

kingedoftheworld 0

dick shit

Mrrevorp 0

nothing wrong with embracing your inner racist

Hahahaha I'm Asian & I find this hilarious!!

DudeImBetter 0

I have Asian friends and I find this hilarious.

a_nutritionist 10

agree. most normal people would simply shrug it off as the mother being somewhat retarded. if she was simply ignorant then the guy shouldnt really care, because its you hes in a relationship with not your mother. if she was being nasty about it, then id suggest removing her from the house (or refusing to eat and leaving if its the other way around) and teach your mother a lesson in tact, courtesy and not being a colossal cunt.

LuLzUnDaTaBrDgE 0

I hate Asians and find this hilarious

I hate 14/15 year old bitches. Someone punch her in the face for me.

@28 what does having Asian friends have to do with this

salvorican 24

Wow.. At least she didn't insist on calling him Jackie Chan

BigHoshJosh 0

if I was Kevin I would embrace the name Ching Chong!

simpsons did it...

JustinThunder 8

Everyone is racist. It just comes out at different times.

Yeah, because most of them do. It's a stereotype, and a funny one at that.

Missmonie1 7

I name my Asian kids by the sound spoons make when they hit the floor

gamegeek42 6

Lmao nice

kingedoftheworld 0

stupid bitches like you should not exist

Missmonie1 7

maybe i should just kill myself then?

xixifwadi 0

I don't think your from Finland. I think it's more like southern Missouri or maybe Arkansas.