By Anonymous - United States
Today, as I was walking home from school with my guy friends, my dad pulled up by the sidewalk, offered me a handful of dollar bills and said, "Get in, baby." Only after we drove away and he started laughing did I realize I'll probably never hear the end of this at school. FML
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I agree. You have a dad with a killer sense of humor. Be grateful! Kids at school will joke around (I would about it, too, if you were my friend) but anyone who really believes it is a moron and their opinion/ridicule is invalid. Neither an FYL or a YDI.

  fr33m3xican  |  0

I think your lucky xD that your not a guy walking home with chicks an your mom pulls over an says that -.- I'm sooo getting thumbs down for this lol thumbs up everyone

  Shleebs  |  12

OP is a chick. Her dad pulled up to her as she was walking with friends. He handed her money and said "Get in, baby." It's implied that OP's friends don't know her dad and they will assume she prostitutes herself.

By  every1luvsboners  |  11

He probably didn't even know that it was you until you jumped into the car.

You screwed up his night of picking up cheap whores, smoking crack, partaking in anal excursions and a meat marinating party in a sleazy hotel. Damn you.

Well played, dad.