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By  laughingman  |  0

you must have the body that turns gay men straight that's a win there

By  sux_2_b_you  |  0

should of punched him


"Try being tolerant" ... how about you try not being hypocritical. You just went off on the OP because he (who is straight) felt his best friends boner. I'm gay and I would be slightly freaked out if my best guy friend (who is straight) hugged me and got a boner.

And how about equality? Jesus Christ... You are the reason I hate stereotypical librals.

  joqez  |  0

#36, yeah, you're right, but even better: try to be lesbian... Lesbians need some tolerance and with tolerance I don't mean getting of at lesbian sex. Every guy I've told I'm lesbian so far answered with:"cool, how was the sex?" TOLERANCE people, TOLERANCE!

  geminiTwin4  |  3

stfu I fucking hate when people say they are better just cuz they are being discriminated against. its stupid. we are all equal. damn people like you really make me hate liberals

  cniggs  |  0

your an idiot of course heresy nothing wrong with being a fag but you don't gotta force it on people. and he got a bonerr that's fucked up man