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By Brock - 02/02/2013 21:20 - New Zealand - Auckland

Today, I went on a date with a very cute girl. It went well, until I accidentally called the blueberries in her dessert Oran Berries. I sheepishly explained that they're a berry from the Pokémon universe, at which point she excused herself, never to return. FML
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rikitsumiatsu 11

If she doesn't respect pokémon she doesn't deserve respect.

alexhaz64 4

You're better off this way. You need someone who can appreciate Pokemon!


rikitsumiatsu 11

If she doesn't respect pokémon she doesn't deserve respect.

SerenaSerenadex3 13

Why are there more votes for YDI? Pokemon is the best! :)

Trix_Disorder 20

14 - I'm saying this as a Pokémon fan; no one should be able to mix up oran berry and blueberry. Part of me really thinks this is fake.

NickaPLZ 26

Pokémon aside, let's be real. Any guy OR girl who can't handle their date being themselves, doesn't deserve to call themselves a date. I say props to OP being real. But yes I agree with all Pokémon stuff aforementioned.

RocketNinjaFish 12

1: I completely agree! pokemon deserve respect. OP: I've done that before, except I called a strawberry a pecha berry. If she can't accept you just because of pokemon, she's not worth it.

ThirstyGrunt 6

Can't say you deserved that one OP. Perhaps she thought you were childish.

You're better off without her anyway since that's obviously a major hobby for you that she doesn't share. That being said, find your self a quirky gamer girl. They exist, I promise.

karpoi 11

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I would LOVE a guy who did that... There are too many people out in the world who think they're too cool for Pokemon. WELL THEY'RE NOT!!! Pokemon for life.

Because anyone who brings up Pokemon on a first date deserves it. That's why. If you still even talk about Pokemon after 12 you kinda just gave up on life. Fuck. Grow up.

Do you know who buys the majority of people who play Pokemon are? People over 12, the people who grew up of Pokemon and made it what it is today. If you are being so harsh about the game I doubt you have ever really played the game to see how much fun it is. I am not being childish when I support the game that made me a gamer, a big part of what defines the person I am today. I just find Pokemon to be a relaxing game that is fun with a very unique concept that I have not seen matched by anyone else to the level of Nintendo. Excuse me for enjoying something different from you. Would you like me to call you a **** for watching sports with men in tight cloths tackling each other? No, because that's not what sports are, or what they stand for, it's a form of entertainment, just like Pokemon, and one that I will continue to enjoy and support as long as I have fun playing. X and Y come out in October and the game is even further evolving. Football is the same sport every year.

I leveled up my kids' Pokemon for them. It's awesome. One Christmas when they were little I swapped and restarted for them til they had all three starters. Pokemon fans deserve more respect.

Bitch if delete their hard earned work, your kids might hate you.

#174 quite the contrary! It's all THREE starters! I'm sure they were delighted! Wish my mom would do that for me, 170 xD

No she left because she knew that the new Pokemon generations are terrible.

No she left because she knew that the new Pokemon generations are terrible.

RpiesSPIES 27

Actually, 241, I thought the same. I then got HeartGold and saw many of the 4th gen pokemon added to the roster (after completing the normal 2nd gen story) and was impressed with the many additions to both attacks AND pokemon. Many types were given a much better skillset and there were great new evolutions added for gen 1 pokemon and also good new pokemon (like Garchomp). Nintendo may be having a hard time thinking up new pokemon, but the game is still awesome :D (2nd gen is my fave).

And this comes from a guy with a motorcycle as his profile picture. Fuck. Grow up.

alexhaz64 4

You're better off this way. You need someone who can appreciate Pokemon!

Rebi3144 8

Exactly! Had I been the girl, I would have freaked out, gotten up and hugged him.

Rebi3144 8

Exactly! Had I been the girl, I would have freaked out, gotten up and hugged him.

RocketNinjaFish 12

I sort out the pokemon haters straight away. Every time I go on a date I wear my Ash hat and Pikachu necklace, then judge the guy's reaction :) (that said, I wouldn't leave him just for not liking pokemon)

blackman100 20

I agree. That bitch doesn't understand what it is to have a childhood.

#45, I agree wholehearteadly. Personally, if my date did something like this, I'd challenge him to a battle on the spot!

#46 I would've done the same. You can never be too old for pokemon.

kristalove 4

Just so you know, I would of stayed and probably married you.

scissors17 23

Oran berries are better than blueberries anyway.

Yeah. Do blueberries restore 10HP? I didn't think so.

If 10HP is anything like antioxidants, then yes, they do! :)

You find leftovers in the trash in pretty much every game. You give it to a Pokemon and it heals every turn... Your Pokemon is constantly noming on something from a random garbage and is getting healthier...Nintendo man

If something like that would send her on her way, she's not the one.

Agree. Meh, you can do better. Obviously you weren't meant for each other. NEXT...


YDI. I don't understand the obsession with pokemon.

thatpeachyperson 12

#11, your picture is perfect.

scissors17 23

Just because you don't get it doesn't mean people shouldn't be able to enjoy it if they want to.

Pokemon is a little after my time but I get it. I don't get the my little pony thing.

It shouldn't matter. I never got into Pokémon either but thats not going to make me leave! While hes explaining that, Ill bring out my Zelda skillz. We ALL have something we like. Its stupid people like you that doesn't realize that WE'RE the normal ones because we have something called HOBBIES.

i dunno. i don't hate Pokemon, but i feel like there comes a time where you grow out of stuff like that. and there are other hobbies besides Pokemon and Zelda. just saying. Pokemon was intended for probably my age and below. or maybe a little bit older. i remember being in first grade and everyone in my class was obsessed with it.

I could go off on Pokemon and MLP all day, but it'd be rather hypocritical as I only stopped watching Spongebob less than a year ago.

So just because people liked it when you're young then suddenly it's only for kids? What about ipads, tons of kids have those things, so I suppose those are childish toys as well? How about running and jumping? Playing baseball, basketball, football I see tons of kids playing that so it must be a childish game. Truth is no hobby is "childish". The term has just arisen out of people who are judgmental and think they're better than those other "childish" people.

77 your analogy is just silly. I will however eat my words if there is ever a world series of pokemon or a My Little Pony cup.

well personally i dont think parents should give little kids ipads because little kids have the tendency to break things. and come on. there are just some things that are meant for kids and some things that aren't. You wont catch many grown men playing with action figures or older girls playing with barbie dolls. It really was a show meant for kids and teens. my little pony and polly pocket were meant for kids too. pokemon is in the same category. it was directed at kids.

Its not that i don't respect the fact that some people are into stuff like that, and i definitely wouldn't abandon a date if he liked Pokemon, but thats just my opinion. I'm allowed to have one, and you're allowed to have yours. I'm not calling it stupid. I'm just saying what i think.

astewardson 4

Charizard! Use flamethrower!!

astewardson 4

I guess you haven't heard of the Pokemon league.

I'm now going to love and tolerate the heck out of you!

All of the above! Plus your parents can't spell the name 'Seamus'.

You never grow out of Pokemon. The people who say they did are lying to themselves.

Misskayfoyer 14

If memory serves correctly, Pokemon (the game at least) is rated E for everyone. last time I checked, adults were included in that. Now i understand not everyone likes the same things, in fact i would be creeped out if you liked and hated everything i liked and hated. I first got into Pokemon when I was 6 (the show and card game) and I still LOVE Pokemon! Im 20 now and I still buy they games the day the come out :)

Oh, so adults playing a game for little BOYS is fine, but when it's little GIRLS it's a big no-no.

*Angry response about how much of an idiot you are.*

There is the Pokemon World Champs. It's usually held in Hawaii each year.

#63 That's why you can have more than one hobby. I grew up on Zelda and its still apart of me and *gasp* guess what? I have other hobbies too including truck, organization, rock collecting, coin collecting...good Lord you guys act like just because you grow up you're suppose to forget everything because your.allllll grown up...ridiculous.

81 there all ready ARE pokemon tournaments!

I don't think he was referring to the people who ACTUALLY like Pokemon but to all the POSERS who pretend to. if people legitimately like pokemon great! I enjoy playing it myself from time to time, but its the annoying fakes that change what they like every other week that get on peoples nerves.

Link5794 18

You don't grow out of Pokémon, you grow with Pokémon.

I was never into Pokemon as much as yu-gi-oh and dbz but it was an alright show.

DenBriZel 31

Did you really dis Zelda? ........I'm a huge pokemon fan. I've played a few of the games (not all because when I was younger my mom wouldn't buy me the system it was on), watched the show (and still watch it now when I can) and collect cards (still have a lot of them) Now don't get me started on Zelda. I've played every game, am planning on getting a badass tattoo......OH and my 13 month old daughter's name is Zelda. Yup huge fan right here.

TallMist 32

Eat your words, then, 81, because there are Pokemon tournaments out there.

I know that was meant as funny, but it was just creepy the first time I read it... I just picture ash patting down the dirt to pikachu's shallow grave.

Holy shit she didn't know what oran berries were. She ain't worth your time.

thatpeachyperson 12

I would've stripped there and then.

Because she loves how he has mistaken the blueberries for Oran berries and she'll **** him then and there

I take my previous comment back OP. you may have a shot at #8.

That's something you say when you want to get her in bed. Inappropriate at the restaurant. YDI

Yes, because mentioning Oran Berries is clearly a sexual advance.

probably left to go pleasure herself over how sexy he is with his Pokemon knowledge