By Annie - 24/02/2011 06:39 - United States

Today, I went to my son's high school play. The moment I arrived at the auditorium, I shouted out his name to let him know I made it. Thinking I was a student, a teacher yelled, "SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN!" Scared out of my mind, I quickly obeyed, to mass giggling from the kids. FML
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don't embarrass kids like that

oh God, you're one of THOSE mums!


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don't take crap from idiot teachers. although ydl fot shouting.

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6, you seem to be missing the point of this website. Besides, your big problem doesn't make other people's smaller problems nonexistent.

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yeah man, your life sucks. since you wanna put random comments like that my mom is dead and I'm 14.

And I'm part dog!

And I'm pretty sure #6 would be crying his ass off instead of sitting his ass on the computer at this site. Nice try #6.

#6, comments like yours are the cancer of FML.

If you're old enough to have children, you're plenty old enough to know how to behave appropriately at a performance. Considering that you thought it was okay to shout out your child's name to announce your arrival, you're probably guilty of other performance faux pas, including: talking through the performance, answering or making cell phone calls, blocking other attendee's view of the performance so you can film or photograph, creating disruptions by entering and exiting the auditorium during the performance versus waiting until the intermission, standing instead of sitting in your chair (rule suspended at rock concerts), and calling attention to yourself by whooping, whistling, calling out, or vigorous waving/jumping up and down or other disrupting behavior. In other words, when you go to a performance, sit down and shut up.

#6- Frankly, I could care less for your pity gouging fest. That is a sad ordeal, but coming here to pout is unnecessary. This is their FML. You don't like it? Too damn bad. The point of this website is not sharing a life changing experience but the small woes of the day.

6 - If you're gonna be like that, write your own FML. Here, I'll help you get a start: "Today, I found out my mom has cancer. FML" feel free to add to it.

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fuck off shut the fuck up, horrible fml.fucking stupid lady deserves it. lay off 6 you fucking assholes

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novair, I feel terrible! Tell her to tell Jesus I said hi. If she goes the other way, ask her to tell Satan I said SUCK ON IT


wtf does that have to do with anything? yeah it sucks that your mom has cancer and all but that doesn't mean you have to go onto FML and go around commenting that you have worse problems. it's really immature.

don't embarrass kids like that

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I doubt the teacher thought she was a student. He probably was just pissed off that anyone would do that so he yelled. My musical teacher would.

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YDI. And it's more like F your kid's L. WTF?

your son must be so proud of you lol

haha especially since his mom looks like a teenager to teachers

Why would you yell his name?! YDI and you totally embarrassed or son!

I think you answered your own question with that statement there.

why would you do that anyway? :P

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oh God, you're one of THOSE mums!

Only in the American South would someone think it's appropriate to do some trashy/ghetto shit like that. YDI

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#11 that was rude u need an asswhoppin for that

Obvious troll is trolling obviously

If your going to act like a little kid then expect to get treated like one. YDI

Exactly. If a teacher who spends his/her time around obnoxious, unruly high schoolers all day thinks your behavior is easily mistakable for theirs, you're doing something wrong.