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Today, I went on a date to the zoo. I soon found out that my date had eaten several hash brownies before entering. FML
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Nothing like special brownies and a trip to the zoo!


MizzErikaHart 8

Doesn't sound like ops date shared! :(

what is so bad he was so hubgary he went to macdonalds and got hash browns you probably wouldn't even feed him your so sell fish and judgemantal in your own little word think of someone uther than urself. can u do that? U will be doing us all a fave

uhh what's the difference? exactly there's not 1 didn't think so k thx bai

ShroomsOnAcid 16

39&46- Please be a troll and not an idiot ...please be a troll and not an idiot ...please be a troll and not an idiot ... For the sake of humanity, please be a troll and not an idiot. That said, if you're a troll, kindly remove your ass from this thread. k thx bai

what a troll I don't even now thy are u like calling me a big nose with red hair an grumpary and lives under bridges I don't like that and I don't look like that so pls don't judge me ugh

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Yup...honeysuckel is definitely a troll. Move along...

ShroomsOnAcid 16

It was...magical... Well, it was probably more fun for the date than for OP, depending on just how many brownies we're talking about. Once it gets to a certain level, it can be pretty boring for the sober person, since they'll neither be mystified by the simple things tripping out the high person, nor will they be able to have a conversation that makes much sense. Anyway, hopefully your date wasn't too annoying. If he was just nervous, maybe if you give him another chance you'll get to know the real him.

Uhhh if a guy does drugs to even meet you imagine what they're like normally. Debt and ****** up lives... No thanks.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#84 - Calm your ****. This was only a DATE. It's not like she was intending to marry the guy, unless he was one of her five possible future grooms.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

84, We're just talking about weed here. Not any sort of hard drug. Half the people you know and respect probably smoke weed and you wouldn't even know it. I will now bring up my go-to example, and say that you can hardly call Carl Sagan's life "****** up". He's ****** Carl Sagan! Many other examples out there. If OP's date had taken a sip or two of beer to ease his nervousness before going out, I doubt you would be saying the same thing.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

93- Google what? A little copy and paste: "Astronomer, educator and author, Sagan was perhaps the world's greatest popularizer of science, reaching millions of people through newspapers, magazines and television broadcasts." Blah blah blah...

icanhazblivions 1

nah. if this was the first date, 84 was right. nothing wrong with weed. there is something wrong with using weed to make an impression.

Hey shroomsonacid I noticed your picture shows emphasis on the third eye What do you think about trippin in relation to the third eye? I mean trippin... Not weed uppers or downers or dilutionals

ShroomsOnAcid 16

120 - That's a discussion better reserved for private messages. If you're on your computer or you can message from your phone, feel free to send me one. :)

Thabb 0

At first I thought it said Hash Browns and I was wondering what this meant...

How do I do that? Would you be down to talk about that? I just haven't met anyone other tan me and this other guy that take trippin too seriously

ShroomsOnAcid 16

You know what, 134, just click on my profile. I'll put my email there since these posts will most likely be deleted.

Aight man I'll hit you up when I get to my computer

adrianxrawr 0

I like weed as much as the next person, but there is a place and time for it and doing it during a date with someone who doesn't like it in guessing is kind of rude.

Ahh the zoo. The one place that can cheer me up after a horrible day :)

Stupid ****. Marijuana is less of a drug than alcohol.

manlove38 23
JoshTheMaggot 8

Alcohol's a drug, since when? I don't think weed would be that big of a deal if some people didn't act soo stupid when they use it. I think showing up to a first date high would leave a bad impression though.

84 - completely agree, drugs are the biggest deal breaker ever, such a turn off.

Pot-smokers annoy the shit out of me, usually!:/ I have the fear of drugs, so that could explain it!

conqueror57 11

The OP said "hash" not weed. They are actually different. Lots of people smoke weed, not nearly as many hash. I can't ever even seem to find hash. Too much Midnight Express, I guess.

165 are you really that stupid? alcohol has always been a drug, as well as tobacco, caffeine, and most of what you have in your medicine cabinet. just because it's legal doesn't suddenly make it a non toxic substance.

165 A drug is something psychoactive So if you feel anything it's a drug Whether its coke or coffee All drugs man... I think your getting confused with narcotics Ignorant people think narcotics are illegal drugs but narcotics are actually just like opiates and opioids and such

This is true guys whether you like it or not, girls look for stability and security in guys, and drugs are often often associated with bad news, isntability, domestic problems, insecurities, etc.. Girls dont want to get involved with a stoner, simply because they are lazy and dont do much. Not a generalisation, its true. Weed is good, but not every week. Consuming it, especially in such a strong/powerful form before a date is a completely witless move, and to be honest he sounds a bit clueless, this girl aint goin back for round 2.

165- Figures you're so stupid, your picture is of the most horrendous band alive...

Nothing like special brownies and a trip to the zoo!

Namerkp2 8

"Honey, since when did zoos have unicorns?"

Or "man I have the munchies. That lion looks delicious!"

Its really retarded when people talk about weed as if it makes you see things like unicorns, its not like its ******* acid..

BikeAllDay818 6

I agree man, weed doesn't make you hallucinate.

Of course not, people who talk about it like that obviously have not smoked it before, and are rather just giddy about it because the hope to try it one day.

For someone who knows something about weed, you seem very uptight and unable to take a joke.

Sorry, but I just think people give weed a bad name when they talk about it like that, and we already have enough fuckwits in society who think weed is evil..

Also, it is possible to hallucinate on weed in large enough quantities (more likely if you eat it rather than smoke it). True it isn't the type of hallucination where you see unicorns but it can cause your vision to distort among other things.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

92, It irks me a little bit too, but we have to remember that not everybody smokes pot, and that some people who do aren't the brightest bulbs in the world. For others, the only knowledge they have on the subject is ignorant propaganda, and they may not even be aware that information is false. Then again, these were jokes regardless, so it's not much of a big deal.

Beach boy here sounds so awesome about knowing what it feels like to take drugs. Boy you are so cool I want to be just like you when I grow up...

insanelyXnikki 18

I know so many kinds of people that smoke pot, so I guess maybe a person would have to actually try pot for themselves before they judge it.

My father has threatened me of my computer if he every caught me with weed. *Forever alone face* The world would stop spinning if that were to happen.

Acid doesn't make you see unicorns either..

183 - Sorry to burst your bubble, but it seems you've never dropped (good) acid. When walls start melting, there's a very good chance that a unicorn could be standing right behind one.

127- not everyone "takes drugs" to be cool, asshat.

Namerkp2 8

Some people are blowing my joke way out of proportion. I know that weed is not hallucinogenic and was simply making a joke. I know weed just makes you relaxed and makes everything taste,feel,look,and sound better and have experienced the effects before so please don't assume I am ignorant because of a joke.

The first time I took acid, I saw Cthulhu emerging out of the sea and devouring an island while the walls were melting and spreading across the sea like an oil spill. That was the first hour of my 11 hour trip. It was a good day.

elite_stoner 0

...or there could be a quadracorn behind that wall with a monkey made of cotton candy riding it offering you a big fat joint.

I know right! Now just to get someone else to pay for them. 0_o

zakkyzebra 11

Just don't go to aquariums... You leave with/by an escort... Soaked....

zakkyzebra 11

Just don't go to aquariums... You leave with/by an escort... Soaked....


I'm gonna have the best day ever! I can't wait to see the monkeys

Torva_fml 16

He didn't offer OP one? Well what the ****....

markrs 0

OP went on a date to the zoo. Dang, if i were on a date, I would be AT the zoo...

zakkyzebra 11

Sorry guys. In a feeble attempt to make a great post twice, I made a second identical post. I really hope everyone realizes the sarcasm...

Perhaps they were nervous and needed a little boost ?

They? How many people do you think she was going on a date with?

One. #4 is probably just being gender-neutral, either because he/she didn't look at the gender specified on the FML, or did and decided not to assume that she was heterosexual.

Gender neutral would be "he or she" but saying "they" amuses me more in this context. Today I went on a date with a group of stoners to the zoo.

blackstar994 5

"They" can be used to describe a single person, not specifying the gender.

Hash makes me paranoid when I'm nervous.

Torva_fml 16

Im paranoid when I'm nervous too... Without drugs.

Look I guess it's grammatically possible to say 'they', but honestly, I think you're giving 4 way to much credit concerning his possible intelligence..

Not only is it grammatically possible, it's highly likely he was using the singular form of 'they', as the sentence clearly makes sense. It is funny how you question #4's intelligence as the only likely scenario, because you couldn't understand the meaning yourself.

IVIikey_312 0

191, you're just an idiot. shut up.

Ever see fear and loathing in las Vegas...? Lol.

#62 - yes. I don't once recall hash brownies.

TheDrifter 23

I'm going to go with either stoned date trying to pet Symba, or annoying op until she strangles him silent. Either way, minor inconveniences at worst.

loseyaselfbit 6

Seems like he'll be more entertaining than any of the animals in the exhibit!

shadexilmaendu 4

That's what id be most upset about XD

Oh crap, hope he didn't try to wrestle a bear or something.

SystemofaBlink41 27

I wrestled a bear once... oh wait...

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

"Ten dollars, watch my son wrestle an imaginary bear!"

thatKidzmOm 10

At least he didn't fire up a pipe in the car while driving there. It probably could've been worse.

choloman 0

smokin a pipe on the ride there isn't worse

thatKidzmOm 10

I don't do it but I don't think it's evil either. *shrugs* oh well.

thatKidzmOm 10

Because I'm getting thumbed down for no apparent reason and I don't care. :)

Oh look, that snake with wings is eating a rainbow sparkle chinchilla!