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Did you Scream?

Painful times a-head, my friend.


Did you Scream?

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They heard his Nightmare all the way down Elm Street.

She wasn't fond of his Pinhead.

He should've Saw that coming, but at least he didn't scream for Mama...

Saw VI in French means sausage, ahahaha ;)

I read "Today, my girlffriend was giving me head during the horror flick we were watching." And I was like 'YDI'.

WHO makes his girlfriend give him head whilst watching a horror movie? How do you even get a hardon?

How do you know he made her 70??? Maybe she wanted to! I find horror movies to be pretty boring so I would have been all over this opportunity. On a side note... Does anyone else feel like every other FML is about giving head lately?! Not that it's a bad topic. Maybe it correlates with us having recently celebrated steak and a blowjob day.

Oh and to add to my previous comment. Assuming she did indeed want to and he didn't make her. If your woman grabbed your dick and was practically begging to give you head, how could you NOT get a hardon? Even if there was a horror movie on tv.

Why did OP let his girlfriend go ahead with it?

@1.......and shout and let it all out?

70, I love horror movies but my boyfriend hates them, giving him head during them is the only way he'll watch one with me. Plus, there are a lot of guys who are into the things horror depicts so getting it up isn't much of a problem for them.

Don't hold a Grudge against her for being scared. I would've lost my mind right then and there. I HATE scary movies. Like, I found Harry Potter scary.

This is the first I've heard of HP being scary .-. I guess the expression is true!:o

5 - You're like my mother. She cried through much of the movies; she's desperately terrified of snakes. The basilisk and Nagini were nightmares for her.

Something tells me she wouldn't have liked being in OP's Girlfriend's place, then. Ok so it's not quite as big, but it spits like a cobra.

I saw the word snake. My snakey senses started tingling.

5 - Same here man, when Prisoner of Akzaban and Goblet Of Fire came out i was say, 10-13-ish years old. And i remember being slightly scared of the prisoner black spirit thing, and more scared of the Man Who Must Not Be Named in Goblet Of Fire. I had a bit of nightmares about the bastard for a few nights after watching it in cinema. But i was young haha, im fine now but im not a fan of horrors :P

Painful times a-head, my friend.

I love girls who use teeth.

^well you would know, wouldn't you?

That just sounds stupid. Who gets head during a scary movie? YDI

This is why you use horror movies to create intimacy. The knee jerk tendency will strike, it's only a matter of when.

Damnit. I could've swore that I put don't.

Everybody makes mistakes some people think its a good idea to get head while watching a scary movie others forget to put in a don't, its part of being human.

My penis hurts reading this.

That's because of the horror it saw when you were born and jumped back in so deep it made a vagina.

She shouldn't try to multi task in the future

Horror films made for horrible moments..

That bites. It must be hard to watch a movie while receiving a blowjob. Hopefully you won't have to head to the hospital.

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This whole thread seems to have bitten off more than it can chew, and deep throating is never the solution to that.

I'm not trying to be a dick, but I just couldn't sink my teeth into this comment initially. Next time I need to not let such things blow up in my face.

Oh come on 16, he was just trying to leave his mark and I say he succeeded by the skin of his teeth.

Sounds like a good Clive Barker movie, unfortunately they'll get Uwe Boll to direct it.

I've done that before!!!! But the door slammed downstairs and scared the ever-loving bejesus out of me. I felt awful! Not as bad as he did, obviously.