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  TrekkieGirl  |  0

There aren't very many horror movies worth screaming over, let alone peeing yourself over. WTH were you watching? I feel sorry for you OP, this scenario just shouldn't have!


agreed. of all the horror movies i've ever seen, which is a lot, I've never seen one scary enough to enstill actual fear. op was probably just too lazy to get up and take a piss, and was spooked by his girlies scream at the wrong moment.

  Freeze_fml  |  16

Uh, no, that's not called sarcasm.

That's called you being an idiot, assuming the OP was a lesbian girl and ignoring the male tag, and then trying to cover up your mistake by pretending you did it on purpose.

  Shystai  |  0

Oh really? Grow up you twit. I knew he was a man. You obviously wanted to prove that he is a man because you like to start Internet fights. Grow up little 12 year old.

  Gumblebum100  |  0

I love watching scary horror movies and I LOVE the really scary parts. also I'm 11 and I've never ever peed myself while watching a scary movie.… lame …… but that would be HIGHLARIOUS to watch that happen to someone I mean forget the movie the peeing on on yourself would be the best part!!!!

  PottentialFML  |  0

Yes shistai o adressed him once as we are friends now, which is possible with another guy without sucking his dick and feeling his abs. Yes I'm well aware of what twit means, perhaps you need a theosaurus for the word twit.