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Today, I was watching a horror movie with my girlfriend. Suddenly, the killer jumped on screen. My girlfriend screamed. I peed myself. FML
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you gf is the man of the house...

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It's impossible to pee yourself when you're startled? Completely not. You know how when people are startled they often involuntarily flinch? Well now consider that you have a rather full bladder, but are waiting for a better time to get up. Involuntary muscle twitch of the wrong muscles, makes it entirely possible to wet yourself.


oops lol didn't read it properly. not sexy at all just desgusting.

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Hurr your probably a girl op. Lezzy

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There aren't very many horror movies worth screaming over, let alone peeing yourself over. WTH were you watching? I feel sorry for you OP, this scenario just shouldn't have!

agreed. of all the horror movies i've ever seen, which is a lot, I've never seen one scary enough to enstill actual fear. op was probably just too lazy to get up and take a piss, and was spooked by his girlies scream at the wrong moment.

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Are you slow? I knew he was a boy. But he pissed himself you twit. It's called sarcasm.

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your body is freaking hot lol

I wonder how many times he gets that. i would love to search google and see that pic on the first page.

Uh, no, that's not called sarcasm. That's called you being an idiot, assuming the OP was a lesbian girl and ignoring the male tag, and then trying to cover up your mistake by pretending you did it on purpose.

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Oh really? Grow up you twit. I knew he was a man. You obviously wanted to prove that he is a man because you like to start Internet fights. Grow up little 12 year old.

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How is it ongoogle when I took the picture 12/24/2009? Moron.

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I love watching scary horror movies and I LOVE the really scary parts. also I'm 11 and I've never ever peed myself while watching a scary movie.… lame …… but that would be HIGHLARIOUS to watch that happen to someone I mean forget the movie the peeing on on yourself would be the best part!!!!

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Haha. This made me laugh. I'm with Shystai on this one.

lol owned by fictiousious crap thats not true u got pwned u pussy!

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3/4 last posts by the gay insecure abs dude have contained the word twit. Expand your vocabulary.

For a while I thought I was the only one noticing that.

@Shystai: You just made the same point the OP made. Not clever.

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he also calls everyone 13 year olds. <3 you freeze :)

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I laugh at you and freeze.. Completely makes my day that your both each others lovers. By the way, dictionaries do exist, look up twit.

I'm pretty sure this is the first time Potential has ever addressed me. Nice conclusion though, mister insecure.

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Yes shistai o adressed him once as we are friends now, which is possible with another guy without sucking his dick and feeling his abs. Yes I'm well aware of what twit means, perhaps you need a theosaurus for the word twit.

(me)8======D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ O: (you)

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it doesn't matter if the movie was actually scary 40 it was most likely the surprise that made him pee himself

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twit: noun, an unintelligent person synonym: shystai

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you gf is the man of the house...

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Maybe the man of the relationship too? D:

HAHAHA That's classic! So were you that scared or did she scare you so much from her scream that you peed yourself!?

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& this is an FML because.....?

Cuz he pissed himself in front of his girlfriend, stupid. Duh

Maybe she doesn't appreciate his pissing on her couch.

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wow.. because he peed himself in front of his girlfriend by accident.. maybe that's normal where you come from.. but not here..

Repost. And you're a huge blubbering ******.

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Don't watch horror if you can't control your blatter. YDI

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blatter? dont you mean bladder?

What the hell are you blathering about?

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Don't you mean: "What are you bladdering about?" LOL, that was a really bad attempt. XD

FML sucks now. all of these are retarded

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clear your bladder b4 a date next time