By Anonymous - 26/08/2010 08:15 - United States

Today, while watching my guinea pigs have sex, I got jealous. Yeah. It's been that long. FML
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duztx 0

So why would you watch them?

Animal **** isn't the solution.. get out there OP :P


duztx 0

So why would you watch them?

than why didn't you join in?

fake there was an fml about 2 squirrels gettin it on and the persons reaction was the same

don't both them a time like this. leave them be. how would you feel if someone watched you have sex.

Ewww guinea pig ****. Someone needs to get a life--and at least a **** buddy.

you have issues...

haha this reminds me of elemenatary school. we used to have these guinea pigs as classroom pets and twice every day we would hear them freaking out cuz they where having sex. they had so many babies.

join in of ur that desperate

BoyFromTheFuture 0

ain't nothing wrong...with alittle bump and grind.

crazyazzkike 0

lose some weight and maybe you will be desirable.

People don't want to have sex with a person that watches guinea pigs get it on.. you're really weird.. like some, "hobo creepin in the shadows touchin himself while lookin at you" weird..

Jafozza 0

Get it on with your guinea pigs.

austinkiser 3

so u haven't had sex with the female one in awhile and the male one was so u got jealous of that? O_o

ur photo is a win!!!!!

ChesterJester11 0


that was disturbing :/

oh damn D: that's sad

Action_Bastard 0

That's one hell of a dry spell you have going on.

kikiss_j 0

yhu shouod of cooked them a made them into CUY!

iamchuck 0

Cuy, it's what's for dinner (in Peru).

you remind me of shaycarl on YouTube!!

iamchuck 0

There is a fix to that which will only cost you $20 and a crack rock. Or just go to a bar and find a drunk fat chick. They are easy, and in your situation you can't be picky.

OP's a chick, so she needs to find a drunk dude, and you look exactly like ShayCarl!!!

iamchuck 0

Didn't bother to look at the op's gender, but picking up a dude is even easier. I'm sure there are a couple or twenty just on here that will give her a shot. I am Shaycarl which is why I look like it.

I live shaytards lol

BABYTARD! or is that princesstard? I don't know.. i only suscribed yesterday! and watch as the comments roll in on how awesome/dorky shaytard is.  OP: I WOULD say pics or it didn't happen, but I saw the same when I was at my friends house yesterday. FYL.

#17 ohhh wow dude your ShayCarl!!!! that's awesome dude

i feel sorry for you... but you watched??? seriousley :L

DinoChick 0

it's gross that people watch animals have sex.

Animal **** isn't the solution.. get out there OP :P

:O You animal paedo!!!

lickmyjock 0

you got fingers don't you?

holy fudge that is a HUGE drink!! 

perfectlybrokenx 0

that's kinda sad... was they're names geta and life?