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  woofis  |  0

haha this reminds me of elemenatary school. we used to have these guinea pigs as classroom pets and twice every day we would hear them freaking out cuz they where having sex. they had so many babies.

  BigDaddyCain  |  0

People don't want to have sex with a person that watches guinea pigs get it on.. you're really weird.. like some, "hobo creepin in the shadows touchin himself while lookin at you" weird..

By  iamchuck  |  0

There is a fix to that which will only cost you $20 and a crack rock. Or just go to a bar and find a drunk fat chick. They are easy, and in your situation you can't be picky.

  iamchuck  |  0

Didn't bother to look at the op's gender, but picking up a dude is even easier. I'm sure there are a couple or twenty just on here that will give her a shot.

I am Shaycarl which is why I look like it.

  hilda_kitty  |  16

BABYTARD! or is that princesstard? I don't know.. i only suscribed yesterday! and watch as the comments roll in on how awesome/dorky shaytard is. 

OP: I WOULD say pics or it didn't happen, but I saw the same when I was at my friends house yesterday. FYL.