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Today, I was diagnosed with food poisoning for the third time since moving to this base in Japan. My husband keeps cooking questionable meat and vegetables from the commissary because he thinks the food from a Japanese grocery store is radioactive. FML
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Buy food for yourself and let him eat his commissioned food.

I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones, enough to make my system blow, welcome to the new age, to the new age.


Some of the vegetables are radioactive actually. Just use more heat. It's usually the stuff you don't cook like the innocent salads... good luck OP

Because of the two atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan, OP's husband is paranoid the food in Japan has been radioactivity poisoned.

It's not the atomic bombs... it's the Fukushima nuclear disaster. And it's not sheer paranoia, there is a legitimate concern.

Fair enough, I hadn't thought of that.

Clarification: Heat won't make the radioactive vegetables safe for consumption. I meant your husband needs to use more heat on the food he does choose to serve.

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You are wrong. The radiation from Fukushima is not a concern this long afterwards. If it was, the USS George Washington's reactor department would be freaking out. Also, banana's have scary radiation. Be terrified! Or informed, I prefer the latter.

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Why is it that the person fear mongering about radiation gets a ton of likes and the person trying to give information on the true levels and concerns for the radiation gets dislikes?

Buy food for yourself and let him eat his commissioned food.

It's not commissioned food, it's food from the commissary, which is a grocery store on a military base.

It's a bird, it's a a plane.. No, it's just the joke going over your head

I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones, enough to make my system blow, welcome to the new age, to the new age.

The real question is: Do you wipe your brow and sweat your rust?

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For the longest time i thought the line was, enough to make your sister blow. Lmao

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Make him eat his food and just get your own. When he gets food poisoning, just take him out to eat and show him the food in Japan won't hurt him.

Geezus is the food in the commissary that bad?

Any place is bad if you don't check it out thoroughly before purchasing. Meats go bad everywhere.

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I've lived at one of the Air Force bases there. I thought the commissary food was decent. I'm wondering if he's thoroughly cooking the meats, particularly poultry.

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I currently live on the Yokosuka Naval Base where I'm stationed. It's hit or miss but the produce is particularly bad. I haven't had an issue with the meat but others have. Best foods are all out in town though.

an excellent opportunity to stop eating meat ^^

Yea another one that "because I don't eat meat no one should" do us all a favour and craw in a home and don't come out

I hope you guys come to some kind of solution to picking spoiled commissary food, otherwise I wouldn't be surprised if you were both imagining dragons in delirium.

Your husband isn't too bright. Either he should look where the food in the grocers comes from and avoid areas that are near the reactor issues, or you both have bigger problems if you are living in a contaminated area. It also sounds like either your husband need cooking lessons, or the commissary is breaking health regulations. Get tested for parasites OP.

Yeah her husband is a terrible person for cooking meals for her on a regular basis...

no one called him a terrible person, just not too bright for picking out bad meat and cooking it badly. That other commenter was right, you are an idiot.

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he also doesn't care enough about his wife to change his behavior after she's gotten poisoned multiple time

Not once did I say he was a bad person in my post. I said he wasn't too bright because either he isn't picking up on the pattern of his wife becoming ill after he cooks food from the base. If he has noticed that she does, and refuses to correct the behavior, THAT would make him a somewhat terrible husband at the least.