By murphy - 02/02/2009 10:49 - United States

Today, though I'm normally unperturbed by my single-ness, I walked by some squirrels engaged in mating rituals and felt a pang of jealousy. FML
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I know exactly how you feel...

He said "engaging in mating rituals" because it really sounds better than"two squirrels fucking:". And nothing is wrong with his'big words', there actual words that real people use and stupid people hate people who know these words because it makes them feel insecure. I'm sorry dude, a smart guy like you should be able to find a girl soon except for the fact they all want an idiot like #28


I know exactly how you feel...

You should've joined in.. maybe that would keep you from being jealous.

Yep. That'd add up to a bad day. And for those of you pushing bestiality, you are sick. With a capital S, I, C, K.

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Hahhahahha. Poor you xD

this isnt post secret.

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Indeed, I find it profound that the creatures of the timberland sciurus carolinenis will oft fornicate in public.

lol, squirrels need loving to! Not by you though.

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how old r u? all i'm saying is that ur probably thinking "so close yet so far" is that right?