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Today, my mum asked me how the guinea pig was doing. We don't have a guinea pig. Turns out she had volunteered me to look after the next door neighbor's guinea pig when they were away and 'forgot' to tell me. They have been gone two weeks. FML
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carcinogenic 7

Your neighbours sure aren't guinea be happy about this.


caohm 18

reminds me of Spongebob when Patrick had to take care or Gary the snail and since he's a dumbass Gary pretty much starved hot sick almost died.

That was Squidward, not Patrick, and it was because he was an asshole that didn't give a shit about Gary and wanted Spongebob gone, not because he was an oblivious buffoon. Sorry, couldn't resist.

No he's right. There's an episode where Patrick takes care of Gary while Spongebob's at his grandma's party. Patrick harms Gary while taking care of him since he ignored Spongebob's directions. Don't worry, I love correcting people on Spongebob too

Can you tell me the name of the episode? I don't remember that one at all, sorry!

The episode is called "Pet Sitter Pat", part of season 8.

Why would you watch any episode from after the movie?

Honestly I agree with tech fire. Now I realize why I was unfamiliar with that episode. Sorry to all spongebob fans who enjoy the more current episodes. I really don't like them as much.

It's understandable. I too have neglected the newer episodes of Spongebob, just like OP's mother neglected that poor guinea pig.

I enjoy how this went from a guinea pig to Spongebob so quickly

skyttlz 32

In the new Spongebob episodes, they make Patrick so dumb it's just stupid. Pat used to be kinda funny but lately he's just annoying.

These comments quickly switched from a Guinea Pig to Spongebob.

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no, obviously OP was meant to go check on it next door. (and I've just now realised you were joking)

Pretty sure the guinea pig stayed at the neighbors. Why would you bring it home?

My bad guys, didn't read the FML carefully enough!

Sorry for being the third to say it, the others were quicker than I was

seventhejellyman 12

Honestly, the mom should have offered to bring the pet over. Whenever I go on vacation, I have my neighbor s watch my dog. I pay them and he stays over there while I'm gone. It would be silly to have to go over twice a day for feeding and cleaning.

Volunteer her to inform your neighbors of her retardation. And then sign her up for a new credit card.

caohm 18

a fool and his or her money are always easily departed.

carcinogenic 7

Your neighbours sure aren't guinea be happy about this.

the guinea pig ran away while he was at summer

Oh God #39 The nostalgia, its coming back.

#73, your profile picture combined with your comment made me laugh xD

nathann24 5

looks like someone's making a trip to the pet store .

Time to search your house for a dead guinea pig!

No no, time to check the neighbors house...I think OP would know if their mom brought a caged animal home

You could a. Confess the truth to your neighbors. b. Buy a replacement Guinea pig. c. Kill your neighbors. could always do the first two opinions as well...or even all three. >:)

I'm gonna go with options a & c, and save a little money.

RpiesSPIES 27

#25 This way, you can blame the murders on a posessed guinea pig!

onorexveritas 23

I think you'll be cleaning up more than droppings

Just tell your neighbors right away OP, hopefully they understand and don't hold it against you. That was horrible thing for you mother to "forget"...

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askullnamedbilly 33

OP's not even ON the hook. He wasn't told to look after the pet. This is entirely the mother's fault.