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  karina_said  |  0

she's waking up next to you so I don't see the problem here. btw, lockets is cute (: as long as she doesn't have a picture of him inside I think you'll be fine

  kimshoo  |  0

perhaps try to buy her a different necklace to wear if it really bothers you. I'm sure it doesn't mean anything to her anymore, it probably just looks nice.


One time, I spaced out and put on a sweater from my ex-gf to go out for a six month anniversary with another GF. When she asked where I got it (I had forgotten when I put it on), I admitted it was from an ex (she hated). She made me take it off so she could see it and then tore it apart in public. FML.
So yeah to a lot of people, it matters.

  BigDaddyCain  |  0

I think you should go to a bar, get drunk off your ass, go to the ex boyfriends house while it's raining and beat the shit out of him in his kitchen..

or just get her a necklace..

  cbr600_fml  |  0

u need to buy her a new one if she takes it and throws the other one away it meant nothing to her but if she still keeps it that means she still not over her ex and u should dump her

  PurplePigeon  |  0

I still have the necklace my ex gave me because it's pretty. my bf now got me a necklace and I didn't toss the old one just because.

yea let me throw away nice, expensive jewelry someone bought me as a gift just because someone else got me something similar.

  withered  |  30

Keeping gifts from your exes does not mean they are still a "tempting thing". It just means you like the gifts you got. You are very immature if you think that and should not be in a relationship until you mature.

By  laureen_fml  |  0

I wear a necklace an ex's mom bought me nearly 4 years ago. It's almost the same thing because I'd still wear it if my ex himself bought it. It's a pretty necklace, and my man knows my heart is with him not my past.

By  Cinn_fml  |  22

Maybe it's just a necklace she really likes? The more important question is; who's picture's inside it? If it's not her ex (eg you or family) then you're safe.