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Today, I was playing video games at 2am. My guinea pig started squealing at me, and wouldn't stop until I turned out the lights and got into bed. I'm 20 years old, and I've let a rodent dictate my bedtime. FML
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you own a microwave, right? (gets ready for comment to be buried)


okay, so ur 20, play video games at 2am and have a guinea pig?

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That would not work because it's a guinea pig, and it word cover his face and he would die.

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your picture reminds me of a used tampon...

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What is your profile picture?

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Kikirara, who the **** are you referring to?

Duct tape....a guinea pig?....what is wrong with you!

My, my, 30! You're learning so fast! Read it again and tell us all about the ******* shit we just read. Please?

What the **** is up with your damn picture? You sick twisted son of a bitch.

30-for the most part (minus the guinea pig) sounds like a normal college kid

Well because I joke about something, it means that I really plan on doing it? Dear lord, people have no humor here..

I thought everyone knew about Nyan Cat...

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MY PIC IS NYAN CAT. LOOK IT UP ON YOUTUBE. and the my first comment was referring to the guy who said to duct tape the Guinea pig.

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Yeah you were probably keeping him up. :)

Lights and every few seconds BOoobmbobmombOM I NEED A MEDIC! Yeah that will keep you awake.

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Also if your playing GTA, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING! GET THE **** OUTTA MY WAY" followed by gunshots and a car speeding away would keep you up too.

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173, guinea pigs are diurnal.. Get your facts straight bud.

His guinea pig is smarter than he is!!!

Maybe you should have more concern for your pet's health. Would you be so different if it was making noise all night?

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Yeah, good idea, putting it outside because it's so much like a dog and it won't run away or get lost. Dumbass.

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Why the **** would I get a pet that did annoying shit all night? Either I would let it outside and hope it gets its annoying ass away from me, and secondly it's a ******* guinea pig, they don't live that Long and aren't very intelligent, so why the **** would I let it dictate my bedtime?? Exactly. I wouldn't that little ****** had better hope it shuts the hell up if I was trying to get shit done like play video games or watch tv when I goddamn felt like it. Or OP could wear headphones :) teehee

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218- one of my guinea pigs just died... At the "not so long" age of 11. They do live a long time and they're smart, diurnal (like humans), and vocal. This isn't a night-owl, crazy dog barking at backyard animals. (no offense dog owners) this is an animal who was trying to sleep. He was pissed in the same way you would be pissed if your neighbors were screaming at the tops of their lungs outside of your bedroom window at 2 am.

guinea pigs are skittery, squealing, annoying *****. rats hardly ever make noise, run out of the cage to spend time with you when you open the door, and can be trained to use a litterbox and come when you call. hell, i play fetch with one of my rats.

Rodents actually do not smell if you clean their bedding regularly enough. And even if you don't clean it for a while, it smells a hell of a lot better than cat shit in a litter box.

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If it helps, I think it's adorable.

Me too, they have the cutest little personalities ^^

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Just because he's staying up late playing a video game? Does it say anywhere that this is a nightly occurrence or that he's been playing all day? He could have a day off coming up. While I admit that there's nothing to say he does have a life, there's also no cause to jump to the conclusion he doesn't.

Damn, you're ******* retarded. Gamers do have lives.

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He didn't say he does it every night, moron. Just because he's playing at 2 am, doesn't mean he has no life. So I'll say it again, your a moron.

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Thumbs up for making me laugh. c:

How do video games dictate wether you have no life or not? Please explain.

178 it depends how active your guild membership is.

Well if OP has a problem with it why keep it?

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I bitch about my dog... Doesn't mean I'm sending her to the basement and making her put the lotion on.

I'm just saying if OP felt the need to post an FML about it, then that seemed like a solution. And dogs and guinea pigs are much different.

How is possible to be too old to own a guinea pig?

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People get attached to weird pets. Fml someone had a shirt on and didn't know what it meant Fml my neighbors wifi has a funny name... Not all fmls are meant to be serious... :D

How is it possible to be too old to own a guinea pig?

How is it possible to be too old to own a guinea pig?

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Put the lotion on it's skin or it gets the hose again!

If that was my guinea pig, i would have ensured that it shut the **** up. Haha by putting it in a different room, wearing headphones, getting the fick over it, getting a girlfriend perhaps

YDI for playing so long it even freaks out a guinea pig, as well as for having a guinea pig on the age of 20.

Theres an age limit to what animal we can get? Also, for gamers, some free time = play time...