By Aaron - 26/08/2010 05:33 - United States

Today, I was watching a video about spiders. When I felt a tickle on my foot, I kicked hard in panic. It was one of our newborn kittens walking. I almost killed it. FML
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the cat over-lords are angered, this act of war will not go unpunished!!


linx468 8

Ouch, poor kitten, but ya know, it's fine to react like that.

ilovenerds_ 1
linx468 8

Well, at least the kitten survived :D

linx468 8

But to be honest, you should've checked what it was first.

hawwe YDI 4 not properly breedin cats

you know they say killing pets is an early sign of a psycho serial killer

I hate when I'm kicking cat-sized-spiders around my house and a cat gets caught in my line of fire... so irritating

Didnt breed their cats right? When did the OP say that they breed? Fyl op that's sad. :(

PimpdaddyCJT 13

poor kitty. you'll get yours when it gets older.

o my god I almost died laughing at this one I can just picture it to ROFL

nibawan 0

I'm n ur ceilingz becuz u kikd me ther. :(

YDI op. omg a fuzzy spider on your foot, at least check. I always do, especially if you have kittens running around ur house.

120, I don't see how it's a win.U wanna get your ass kicked so hard that you almost died and it was because you were mistaken for a spider?

bubblzz 4

op i hate you even if you didn't do it on purpose..still u killed a little innocent cat..:(

JoeyxCloud 0

It was just a reflex action. He had no control over it. No big deal.

kitten abuser, this makes you the worst person in the world

shmexi 0

ASPCA will be at your home soon D;

Are you serious? Everyone would react the same way.

Iowa123 0

That's a normal way to react, but the poor little cat. I suggest you stop watching spiders on TV.

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I assume it was a knee-jerk reaction, named knee-jerk specifically because you don't have time to think about it, it just happens as a reflex; in this case it was brought on by paranoia.

you remind me of shane dawson on youtube. you guys look exactly alike .

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if half of all the people on fml payed attention to what they were doing, fml would not exist. with that said, **** you

YouCantBreakMe 9
YouCantBreakMe 9

almost is close enough. poor kitty.

You sir, are a monster. I now have images of a mangled kitten in my head. Thanks. :-(

bubblzz 4

the original fml said: '' it died''..not!

JoeyxCloud 0

oh ok so it wasn't just me, cuz I saw that it said he had killed it as well.

ALEX920 0

wow you dick. I hope someone who can actually take care of cats or even spay/neuter their own will take it

On the bright side, at least it's still alive. 

the cat over-lords are angered, this act of war will not go unpunished!!

YDI for overreacting. It's a video playing on a tv not real life. Learn the difference.

ydi. always check before you kick. but atleqst you didnt kill it. that much is,good

Yeah because if you feel something you take a step by step procedure to see what thing on your foot is, before assuming that it is bug. •sarcasm•

I hope you are giving that poor baby extra tlc because if you almost kill it the you take care of it

YouCantBreakMe 9

you aren't supposed to feel sympathy for him, you're supposed to feel sympathy for the kitten.

The poor baby is the cat and the person is the one that needs to take care of it