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Today, I was reading my boyfriend's online diary. It started off really sweet, saying he was in a wonderful relationship with me, and how he utterly adored me. It then slowly progressed into loathing and wondering what he ever saw in me, all because I have a low sex-drive. FML
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He is going overboard, but relationships won't work if the sex isn't there for both.

xeldawyn 14

Why were you reading his diary?


He is going overboard, but relationships won't work if the sex isn't there for both.

I agree to a certain extent. Sex can make or break a relationship, but to SOME people it doesn't make a difference how often they have sex with their partner.

The really problem is that your boyfriend doesn't feel he can speak to you about his feelings and concerns. Sex is neither important nor not, but direct and honest communication is. That lacking, is why, FYL.

19 is right. communication is key, though it can be a tricky subject. it does suck is one partner has a higher sex drive though..

Polysyllabist that was a bunch of bullshit. Take this dunce cap and go cry in the corner.

Compelling argument #38, I like how you refuted my critical points with logic and example, culminating in the presentation of a coherent and alternate perspective... oh wait, never mind. You only managed to say, "nuh uh" I love how your lack of communication only serves to bolster my suggestion of better communication.

dudeitsdanny 9

I disagree 19. While, yes, there is a communication problem, that's only one issue. I actually believe that sex is a very important part of a relationship.. Which is not to be taken as "you must have sex often." I think it's extremely important that both people are on the same page on the subject of sex, even if that page reads "for procreation only." It's part of the much needed chemistry that's needed to keep a relationship alive, because it falls under the matter of compatibility. One person might get frustrated if his/her needs are put aside for the needs of the other person, and that's exactly what happens when one has a much more active sexdrive than the other.

Autoshot 9

65, 59 is disagreeing with you, just wanted to clear that up for you. I was unable to form an opinion on post 19. The triple negative threw me off. But hey, it was the first triple negative I've ever seen in my life, so that was pretty sweet at least.

eff everything else. if little soildiers don't fly everyday. how can a man b happy. girls should just open up the legs and reserve the communication for. "what u want on your sandwich?"

78..what the hell..that's the stupidest thing ever

no way I will never make anything for you cuz we are not friends

Autoshot, I'm pretty sure dudeitsdanny is agreeing and expanding, not disagreeing. Stating that not only is communication critical, but so is being on the same page with sexual goals. I do not wish to put words in others mouths, but the among the chemistry which binds us to others, sexual habits are a contributing factor. Lack of communication on such a subject (or any such critical aspect of chemistry or interrelationship) only serves to exasperate an issue. Not all failings in preferential alignments are inherently damning to a relationship ... but if the discord is enough to bug you, not talking about it surely is.

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Your extensive vocabulary makes me want to agree with you.

SirEBC 7

97, I think "I disagree 19" pretty much sums it up.

DaJavelin 0

The main problem seems to be is that OP boyfriend is a fu*king pussy, what guy keeps a dairy?

#135 She calls it a diary, maybe _he_ calls it a journal. Perhaps he calls it nothing and simply keeps a record of his thoughts and deeds to provide retrospective understanding in the years to follow. That's awesome. You might want to reconsider your thought process if you've concluded he's a p***y. Diary /= Feminine Feminine /= Inherently negative trait for a male By the same logic one could draw similar conclusions if you've ever made a sandwich. #135... have you ever made a sandwich?

Sex is the difference between a friendship and a relationship. Ofcourse this doesn't mean you need to constantly be having sex but to some if not most sexual attraction is the key point in either keeping someone as a friend and dating them.

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just put out more and why the hell are you reading his diary

149- it's online. She, and anyone else, could read it. Also, sex isn't neccasary for a relationship to work. It can make things better for some but the most important thing as that both people are on the same page.

118, if all of us dropped out of school as early as you did, there wouldn't be anyone who would be intelligent enough for the chemistry involved in fabricating new drugs for you to glamorize your addiction to.

Did you conveniently miss the "online" part? She meant a blog. On another note, if keeping a diary makes you a flagrant homosexual, then we're apparently on the fast track to extinction, looking at the sheer number of male bloggers and men who write articles about their life observations.

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YDI for dating a guy who keeps a diary.

59 was definitely disagreeing with you 65. see "i disagree with you 19".

sex is 100% necessary for a relationship to work. As 148 pointed out, sex is the difference between friendship and relationship. If ur not having sex, ur just friends.

Fatalally 4

162 & 175 - Well, I disagree. The opinion that only females should keep a diary, journal, record, or what ever you want to call it, is just a mere stereotype. Just like the stereotype that all men should, 'Be a man and suck it up' or, 'Take it like a man.'

AceArctic 4

You people really need to get either lives or a degree in psychiatry...

AceArctic 4

And 200 is right, I cry and write in my diary all the time while listening to Hawthorne Heights! Stereotypes are a lie! (I say as I stereotype emofaces.)

Furley 4

I like how this comment thread is dominated by women and queers, neither of which knows shit **** all about a real man and when and why he needs sex. Most men NEED sex. Quite frequently. Especially if they are younger, or closer to their prime. A man doesn't function properly without it. YDI for being a snoop, and inconsiderate of your b/f needs.

Furley 4

It is the same as when a woman freaks out about running out of time to have a baby. Same principle, different situation.

I I was actually really impressed Was not expecting a reasonable statement like this.

Yes and no - it can be a problem, but in that case he should discuss it with her instead of on the internet.

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( to the author ) you don't read shit like that bitch!

And then she can wake up in 50 years, alone, in a house full of cats, because you're talking about a type of male that does not exist.

It's not only caring about just sex. She has a low sex drive which would cause issues in any relationship unless the guy is also uninterested in sex. You can deal with it for a while, but years of none to little sex (especially from the start) would be difficult and wear on you.

22cute 17

there are plenty of males with low sex drive also

no all you need to do is buy him a flesh light and your problems will be solved

my bf has a low sexdrive ... I just kinda deal with it or turn him on when I want to lol but women can turn that around and be all like "he forced me to have sex.. meh.." women can be so stupid :P

broderickcj 4

go home and bang him pronto cinco seis

xeldawyn 14

Why were you reading his diary?

Autoshot 9

Stick your nose where it doesn't belong and you will often get a whiff of something foul.

It was an online diary, so not exactly the private kind.

online diary? your bf might be gay....

dear diary: I'm so pretty, so pretty and witty and GAAAY!

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Apparently, having an online diary makes one homosexual. Hm, you learn something new everyday.

9 didn't say it's not acceptable, hotshot, she just said it may be a symptom of a deeper issue.

Being gay but having a relationship with a woman is an issue.

9, really? Don't be sexist. Anyone can keep a diary if they want to.

"Journal" is more acceoted for a man than a Diary. Still the same process and idea, just a different name.

LOL you guys are who say that he is gay, are cracking me up!!! Especially seeing as he longs for a WOMAN who needs a high sex Drive!!!

178, at least you have a sense of humor for irony.

MisterMancha 0

You're also a stalker according to this post.

anakaren_831 1

Homophobia is a sign of intolerence.

SirEBC 7

Hating a certain race is a sign of racism. Think about what you just said.

120- Yes, hating a certain race would be considered racism....

SirEBC 7

I'm glad you got the point.

rebekahah 7

be grateful for the sweet stuff. :)

no offense, but since you're only fourteen I'm not sure you've got any say in this stuff.

rebekahah 7

no offense but since your judging me and you're only 3 years older, I would kindly recommend sticking it up your butt.

Britt, that was one of the most obnoxious, hypocritical comments I've seen in a while. Offense intended.

Mr_Darkside 5
uncbballwins 0

15: that was the bitchiest comment I've seen in a while. Hate when mofos talk down on the yunguns.

Iknoweverything 29

okay, if you have never had to pay your bills, or your rent, or buy ALL your own food you can't really consider yourself anything more than a young'un. You aren't an adult in the 'adult experience' sense, even if legally you can be considered one. By the way, I agree to be grateful for the sweet stuff comment. It's always nice to read how a guy cares about you. On the other hand OP, if you are in a sexual relationship, and you have a lower sex drive, you may want to find someone that can either a) be in a relationship with a woman who has a low sex drive, b) is so amazing in bed so you don't mind having sex more often, or c) is either gay, or comfortable with his relationship with his right hand. Or just have a relationship that isn't sexual if you don't really want to have sex.

just because she is young doesn't mean she doesnt understand...that was like super rude...anyways I really like your hair..who did it?

Mr_Darkside 5
Mr_Darkside 5

I mean the insult and then " I love your hair"

rebekahah 7

just someone local. :) thanks by the way.

53- your welcome! it looks really cool...and 51..yeah I'm a little random sometimes lol :P

Mr_Darkside 5

it's okay random is awesome. and yeah her hair is pretty freakin awesome if I do say so myself!

omg ikr?!?! I wanna do something like that to my hair lol

Mr_Darkside 5

go for it! I bet it would look great! :) honest!

oooKiLLaHooo 0

you guys are all trippin.. 15 is totally right.. and three years may not seem like a big difference, it is..when your that young at pisses me off when kids think they know everything and think they are SOOO mature..

ok mr I make finger pictures for fun..she didn't say she knew everything you just need to chill man

Mr_Darkside 5

all she's saying is that you have to look at the bright side of things! I think that's a pretty mature way of looking at life.

xoxoMEGANxoxo 13

I luv ur hair 53! haha I think we all agree that her hair is awesome, and 15 that was a bitchy comment

xoxoMEGANxoxo 13
rebekahah 7

I swear everybody here is just so flippin' awesome! :D

xoxoMEGANxoxo 13

welcome! (: I'm sorry 50 that some people don't understand that not always "older" people are smarter, younger people have the right to speak their feelings and share their reasoning and I totally agree with u! she can shove it up her butt! haha

xoxoMEGANxoxo 13

hehe thnx! 15 and 69 are haters so feel free to ignore them

rebekahah 7

well, I'm off to bed now. thanks everyone and goodnight! hope to talk again in the morning.

yea there are some pretty sweet people on here !! :) :)

uncbballwins 0

69: take a page out of your profile pic's book

xoxoMEGANxoxo 13
kala_lanier 2

Although you shouldn't have been looking...he blows dogs for quarters and you should leave him. Clearly he hasn't even tried to bring it up to you and talk to you about it, he just complained in his diary.

all assumptions on your part. what if he did bring it up and she got all defensive and unapproachable about the subject?

It's an online diary. She, and anyone else, can look.