By cantgetup - 03/04/2011 04:10 - Canada

Today, I discovered that my girlfriend can only orgasm when we have sex to gospel music. FML
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Gospel it is then!

It would be an impressive feat to be able to perform while listening to that. I recommend you buy her an iPod and a pair of earbuds.


Gospel it is then!

When she climaxes does she shout praise the lord?

how did you find that out

During it she's saying "Oh God!" at the end she says "Halleluia!"

maybe that's not it, but instead OP only makes good love while listening to gospel.......?

if it were me, I would feel really guilty having premarital sex while listening to gospel music. :/

Oh God this is such a turn off

god is watching you...

Amen, soul sista.

74 I would hope not

The power of Christ compels her!

When she climaxes does she yell "oh praise the lord"?

^ no, just "oh god" lol

maybe if she's christian and recognises sex without marriage as a sin than maybe she thinks that if gospel plays in the background the sin is neutralised?

ipod in ger ears a d get in on :D easy solution! stop whining! some men can't even make theyr girls climax!

FYL for even listening to that trash.

I would learn to love gospel music.

Doesn't matter had sex

Play her some OFWGKTA.

is that you in your pic?


ur an idiot for posting an anagram that nobody understands....unless I'm the only one


Well that's the name of the group but I never remember what it stands for

atthegates, you can suck on deez nuts. Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

oh.... i was gonna go with Only Fuck With Ghonerrhea Kill Twenty Apes

It's Old Fucking Women Get Kids To Assrape

COMBO BREAKER!!! Play dubstep. Anybody can orgasm to that.

162- haha that's funny(:

162- haha that's funny(:

Yeah, I'd say you're the only one atthegates.

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

It would be an impressive feat to be able to perform while listening to that. I recommend you buy her an iPod and a pair of earbuds.

#145 it's so he doesn't have to hear the gospel music and feel bad about doing the dirty to it, duh

FYL for even listening to that trash.

it's not that bad, not my kind of music but it's kind of up lifting

bitch fuck you life. gospels not trash.

178 your a dick

Nut up or shut up, your having sex why are you complaining.

Dammit I'm so ashamed I'll have to rethink my whole life now, or carry on as normal as I don't really care that much.

And suddenly, she has perfect grammar!

You got me I'll back down and hang my head in shame.

zombieland reference :3

lol watched it last night. :)

right kartilino!

65- some people actually care. just give the people who correct grammar a break, geez.

your info about you, is verrrrrrry incorrect. maybe you should fix yourself before others(:

their loss for caring so much then.

Buy heaps of albums it will make u have Christmas early this year.

Love your picture! :D

Hey she loves Jesus too can you blame her?

Not really but people will still troll.

You can't compete with Jesus, he was hung like this. (Spreads arms)

I think it comes from her childhood, experiences with her priest...

God that bear is creepy...

Funny, gospel music makes me soft.

why do you think gorls shout " oh god" when doing it. you didn't think they were thinking about you, did you?

Even atheists have shouted "Oh god!" during sex and climax.

who the fuck are you correcting