By smashleighfig - 08/03/2010 05:14 - France

Today, I found out my husband of 10 years has a online blog. Excited to read about myself, I began skimming, only to find out that every entry is him explaining how he let his "soulmate" walk away 9 years ago because of his "previous commitment" and how he regrets it every day. FML
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Tell him you know exactly how he feels. If you really want to hurt him, tell him your "lost soulmate" was well hung.

I could never stay with a man who doesn't think of me as his soulmate. to be referred to as a 'previous commitment' and not 'dear wife'. to be regretted as a choice. I'd rather be alone.


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lol at #1. but that really sucks you should confront him

I guess he had to settle down with plan b but b happy your not plan c .

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I'm gonna say YDI just for that line, "excited to read about myself" Your so vain OP

I sort of agree with #22. That line really annoyed me for some reason. Your husband was faithful and honored his marriage. He can't help how he feels although posting it online is a bit disrespectful. You two need to have a talk and that talk should probably end with you letting him go. Why be in a relationship with someone who doesn't want to be there? FYL

Of course you wanted to read about yourself. No wonder he regrets with a wife like you. YDI for not being his soulmate!

YDI for not knowing for TEN YEARS that he wasnt as into you as you were to him.

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Why do you feel bad for him? He should have left his wife a long time go if she wasn't the right person. I feel bad for his wife, because if I were in her position, I would be devestated that I made a life for myself with someone who doesn't feel the same towards me, but made me think that they did.

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I agree with #42. He should of been man enough to say that it just wasn't working out for him instead of faking the whole thing. Everybody knows it's hard to end a relationship but that's what he should have done.

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OP, obviously your husband didn't tell you about his blog for a reason. The fact that you "found out about it" and thought you would happily read something about yourself, was a bad assumption on your part. At least your husband has just been blogging about his thoughts and misery, and doesn't seemed to have acted on them. F-his-life if he really does feel trapped, because he'll never be completely happy with you. No one should stay with someone because of a "previous commitment". FYL, if you thought he was happy with you.

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....she probably thought that blog was about her. And that joke was probably what you were aiming for.

I do feel kinda bad for him but if he didn't have the front to leave her then why has he been blogging it regulally? you defo don't deserve it OP.

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#22 and #23 have some messed up reasoning. So the husband keeping a long and well thought out blog describing how he didn't actually love his wife is OK, but the OP writing one sentence saying that she was excited to see what her husband wrote about her is wrong? FYL OP and don't listen to these dumb kids

@58: How is it an FherhusbadsL? It's not like he's stuck with her. He can end it any time he wants. Instead, he chose to stay with somebody he was unhappy with.

That is really sad, I am sorry for you.

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@ 84 Darkmis1... I said F-His-Life if he doesn't/or didn't really want to be in the relationship with the OP, but for some reason married her anyhow. Maybe she was pregnant at time....who knows. However, it's clear that he married the OP out of some sort of obligation. It is an FML for him, if he was trying to do the right thing (for some unknown reason) by marrying the OP.

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Start your own blog about what an asshole this guy you've known for 10 years is.

#89, uh, read again. 10 year marriage. 9 years ago. He WAS married.

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@ 92, you got me there! Didn't notice the difference in years the first time Sadly, this makes this FML even worse then; because if he was only a year (the newlywed stage) into his marriage with the OP and managed to find and lose his "soulmate", then clearly he wasn't that into his wife and should have just moved on at that time.

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okay... it says that 9 years ago he let his soulmate go... meaning he'd already been married for a year.. just wanted to point that out to those who are feeling sorry for the stupid husband...

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ha oh great... didn't read all the comments... that's already been pointed out... :P

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I agree with #42, thats not fair! To either one but the OP was the one who was in the dark! Wow I would forever hate him for wasting my life! Leave him I'm sure you'll be happier on your own!

Tell him you know exactly how he feels. If you really want to hurt him, tell him your "lost soulmate" was well hung.

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I need to stop reading so fast. I almost thought you said her true soulmate was William Hung.

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Maybe he meant a male soulmate... wait that's worst.

instead of pointing out your grammar error, let me just say that this indeed is an ackward thought

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Maybe it was his best friend? Maybe it wasn't human? Could be a dog.

that's exactly what I was going to say haha

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Hey snicker, shut up and get lost!

who realy carez abbout grammmeer on hree? ... ha... u see what i did there? haha

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No, you clearly have no understanding of what grammar is! All you did was make spelling mistakes!

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LOL number 4!!! stuff him why is he still married to u then??

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That sounded like he is married to ME. And does it have to be a man/woman. The OP's husband might have a obsession with hamsters and he felt bad after they died?

He obviously wanted to see this. I mean, he did put it on the World Wide Web. Although, I can imagine that a blog about a whiny bastard losing his soulmate would only get about ten hits.

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OMG, not another Haiku about her luscious earlobes. I can't stand another blog about how much her toes touched the deepest part of his fickle heart and her tears were dew drops he gathered in a vial and wears around his neck. Now here is an interesting headline. PATHETIC BLOGGER IS STRANGLED BY ANGY WIFE AFTER READING BLOG. Ah PatheticLumps blog just got so much better.

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