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Today, my boyfriend and I were having sex, when he finished, seemingly angry. He stood there naked complaining for 15 minutes about how our sex sucked. Then he demanded that I dress him because "it's my fault his clothes were off in the first place". FML
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This is seriously one of the most asshole-ish things I've read on FML. You need a new boyfriend ASAP.

stranded, you look like a younger version of Angie lopez, from the George lopez show...

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haha o shit she kinda does look like her

Once again, how do all of the assholes get girlfriends?

^ totally agreed all girls go out with the gerks instead of the sweet/ caring guys

^^i kno its so stupid my ex left me for a jerk who is really weird

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chivalry is dead... because women killed it. sure I could be nice to women, but what's the point? if I'm nice or sweet I'm weird, whipped, or creepy. I'm more likely to get a gf if I treat women like shit.

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@jrook your 100% right i am a man of honor and when i asked a pal of mine he didnt even know what chivelre was. best part is wemon nag about their bfs being jerks and who do they nag to.... a nice guy who cares to listen to them

....and you still call him your boyfriend??????

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dude I was thinking the same thing! Angie is fineeeeee lol.

@shakenbake93 yea i agree with you the assholes get good gf's and we get the *****/bitches

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This is where you have a good laugh ridiculing him for having a tiny hangy-down, leave him, and find a real man. If you're pathetic enough to take that bs ydi. If women like you would stop acting like you enjoy being treated like shit guys like him wouldn't exist.

agreed. to all the boys saying we only like jerks, that's bs because I can't stand people like that, and I would rather have a sweet guy, who I can tell anything to.

【imma caring guy but my relashonships never last why? my gfs have ridicilosly high standards or they just get sick o' me FML

well girls have a funny ******* way of showing it then, don't they?

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obviously you're still young, becase as you get older you see that women have then realized what it is they were missing when dating the jerks, and start dating the nice guys. yes girls when they're teens/ early 20s want the bad boy. but again, when they grow up and get over themselves they look for the nice guy who is usually already taken. just wait- your time will come!!

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Were you a dead fish lover? Because that would suck for him...

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it's funny tht you guys say that... I recently found out that my friend likes me AFTER she got pregnant with her loser ass boyfriend lifes a bitch isn't it? maybe I should make that as an FML haha

62 your more likely to get a girl if your hot

You can't say it's only older girls who don't date the jerks. I'm only 15 and I hate the boys around me who act like jerks. My boyfriend is the sweetest, nicest boy I've ever met, and he would do anything for me. I don't see why any girl wouldn't want that. Girls my age really need to grow a brain or grow up. Preferably both.

maybe you should be better at sex, or if you can't do that be a really good cook it will make up for it

To high schoolers reading this post and thinking about being one of the guys the previous comments address, I will remind you that women draw the line between "bad boy" and "******* psychotic". I found that out the hard way. Right after college. When my girlfriend found my stash of guns and knives.

Whats Yo Numbah? I'll come to Sacramento, CA because "I wanna ***** with you"

False. You just think the guys are jerks cause they get the girls. Although it is a problem that as kids we tell girls that a boy who picks on them secretly likes them

#68 Your attitude is the exact reason why you don't have a gf and probably never will. Have you ever considered that you are the asshole? Oh yeah and not all girls like benevolent sexism anymore

no.... don't do that.... that hurts alot.....

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uh kick him in the balls anyway... what a dick -_-

you dont kick guys in the nuts... you just dont... its proven to cause as much pain as giving birth... so all you ladies out there complaining how much it sucks, at least you dont have to deal with it everytime some sally has a hissy fit

Bullshit. They could not have proven it "hurts as much as pregnancy" because pain is SUBJECTIVE.

Dude, that sounds like something my grandma would say. WAAAAAAHHHHHHH PUT MY CLOTHES ON FOR ME!!!!!!!

that's lame. figure out how to make the sex better and stop complaining

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She said boyfriend. However, I'm sure it wasn't long meaningful relationship. If it was OP deserves it for dating someone that would treat her like that.

The OP clearly says he was her BOYFRIEND! Maybe try paying attention when you read?

The OP clearly says he was her BOYFRIEND! Maybe try paying attention when you read?

Make sure the fly gets "stuck" and that you need scissors to remove whatever stuck in it

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All guys need for sex is a place. Women need a purpose. It is pretty clear he does not take the time to figure out your "purpose". Find another guy; when you find the right one you will understand loves enduring promise. Good (better) luck next time.

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dude your man sound so fucken stupid slap him and tell him it soooooo over

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