By Anonymous - / Tuesday 22 May 2012 20:49 / Canada - Edmonton
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  Tali147  |  16

I would suggest running away. That sounds like the beginnings of a psychopath. Are "breeding hips" a good thing to have? I have never heard this expression.

  MischievousV  |  8

Chosen to birth his children? That isn't a compliment. That's a creepy saying... You shouldn't go with any man like that. If you don't love him, run. Run and never look back.

  lindora  |  31

You know, I've noticed recently that there are a lot of weird boyfriend fmls coming from Alberta. (I'm just noticing this because I'm albertan).

  auzz1_pride  |  9

134) I'm sorry if I sound like a dick, but last time I checked there was no age limit for this site. And you are quite the role model for a 13 year old kid, good job

  chellyX92  |  8

I never really thought of people who make their spouses love them and then openly speak about breeding with their spouse as romantic. I guess what ever floats your boat, your crazy boat.

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