By imahater07 - 25/12/2015 06:28

Today, my family decided to break tradition and wake up at midnight to open presents. I didn't find out until I went downstairs to get a glass of water in the middle of the night, and found wrapping paper and empty boxes everywhere. FML
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In the morning start lighting fireworks in the livingroom to celebrate New Years.


In the morning start lighting fireworks in the livingroom to celebrate New Years.

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Some people do it, but OP's family doesn't usually do it, hence a change in tradition.

I think the issue here is that the family didn't tell OP, and that they were left out.

.I'm sure many people do, but I've never met anyone that actually does.

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lol my family does. Its our tradition.

Isn't it usually one present at midnight and then the rest in the morning?

That means in the morning they will need to sit and watch you open your pressies. They've used up all their excitement for the day and you still have yours!

If they'd open presents without op, they most definitely aren't going to sit around and watch him open presents either

And they didn't wake you up? That sucks! Merry Christmas though OP

I'm so sorry OP. Merry Christmas and I hope it gets better.

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Maybe they didn't want to disturb your rest. Merry Christmas!

There is always one member of the family that is taken for granted, forgotten about and ignored. Hope you got nice presents anyway.

Well I hope you got something! They still should've waken you up! That was a rude and immature move! Love and a merry Christmas from me to you! You deserve to have a good one!