By walllflower - 08/02/2015 19:46 - Canada - Saint Catharines

Today, I went paintballing with my siblings. Once we were done, they realised I hadn't been shot at all. They cornered me in the forest and lit me up. I have welts all over my legs. FML
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I'm just trying to figure out how you got cornered in a forest...

Take pride in the fact that the only way they could take you down, is by teaming up. Congrats on your awesomeness!


Oh poor you! Paintballing hurts i know

Paintball is a great sport! If you are good (or a total wuss) you won't get hit often. the pain is your reward:)

getting shot by a paintball gun hurts bad

Welt, that sucks.

Nah he's just a sore loser... Or they made him one anyway

There's a button to say that, #2.

badkid91 11

Wait.. How is he a sore loser?... He won.. They then cornered him and shot him a bunch of times... I don't understand how you could possibly think he is a sore loser....

I guess nobody got the joke

I guess nobody sees the pun.

Oh wow, I just noticed the "Welt," that was really hidden in there. My apologies for my last comment. in actually sore. It's a very hidden pun.

This Christmas, this story will become a funny memory that you'll forever cherish. So, in the end it's worth it. :)

It's not Christmas..

#3 means that it'll be a funny story to tell on Christmas

#3 I don't think anyone would cherish the memory of being assaulted with rapid paintball fire.

I do, fun times with friends and family

This guy must be using Internet Explorer.

This is when you should have gone Rogue and fired back !

Exactly! Pick up your gun, man! And fight! You may be outnumbered! You may end up losing and being in pain! But dammit, take a few of them with you! I'm talking neck shots! Shoot their mask so they can't see! Shoot their hands so they can't hold the gun. You're in close quarters and you will be shot! But go down swinging!

I just imagined you shouting all of that #21....

geeze #21 I think that's taking it to the extreme I know they cornered OP but I think you took it far firing off some shots I get but not how you said to do it take the hostility down a few notches.

#34, If I was being shot close range by multiple people, I'd shoot back. That isn't hostility, it's retaliation.

When being brutally assaulted with paintballs at a close range, all you can do is assume the fetal position and scream, "STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHP!!!!!!!!!!" There is no fighting back.

#34. What? Why just roll over and let them shoot you repeatedly? The level of hostility was set by them, I'm merely saying meet it guns blazing. Have you been shot by a paintball at close range? It leaves nice big round welts, my marks didn't fully disappear for nearly two weeks. So yes, I'd think meeting them with equal aggression is the best coarse of action.

Best in retrospect, yes. When people corner you like that, you keep hoping they'll just shoot you once or twice each "for balance". Unless you have training for this sort of stuff, you won't be able to control it in the moment.

I'm just trying to figure out how you got cornered in a forest...

Maybe he meant "surrounded".Idk.

LostInTheZone11 29

Surrounded and pressed up against a large tree.

Paint ball fields also do have fences around them and don't go on for ever

One does not simply get cornered in a forest.

You dont need to paintball in a forrest

Isa_fml 20

So you've never been outside, then.

Yeah, weird. It's almost like forests aren't two-dimensional and can have impassable terrain features and man-made structures in them. But that'd just be silly.

Maybe against a tree

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oh family. they love you til it hurts :p sorry op. I hope it doesn't bruise! (:

OP said that he already has welts all over his leg so I think it's safe to say he's has bruises.

he* sorry I didn't notice that I had made a mistake.

ChristianH39 30

From having reffed at a paintball field for years I can say welts are not the same as bruises. Most shots just leave a red circle of swollen skin and that's what we typically call a welt, not many actually cause bruising, which usually refers to subcutaneous bleeding.

Sibling love, cherish it while you're young

Take pride in the fact that the only way they could take you down, is by teaming up. Congrats on your awesomeness!

But, getting shot is half the fun! If you don't get shot at least three times before the day is over, you aren't playing paintball. You're hiding.

Not necessarily, sometimes it just means you're great at the sport! Or a sniper, snipers are fun.

or sat in a corner the whole game. but still won and that's all that matters

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I know what you feel :(

At least you didn't get paintballed in your paintballs!...I'll see myself out