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By  temescal  |  0

Boyfriend deserves whatever wrath he has coming to him for honestly answering the "what are you thinking" question.

I guess everyone has to learn some how.

  Shadow1368  |  17

This isn't an FML, this is awesome.

I would love to have a bf who has the same sence of humor as yours.

Don't be mad because he made a super funny joke.

Take a chill pill.

  michael666  |  7

HAHAHA that "get the fuck out of my office" I always tell people when they say stupid shit, "get the fuck out" and point towards the door, lmao ima say this from now on.

By  tyrob911  |  0

it's a restaurant. picked the line from the commercial "im thinking arby's." your bf is my kinda guy. ladies don't ask questions if u don't really wanna know the answer.