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  bh0p  |  0

2=WIN and OMG I was at this concert I think I was the only one saying yay! YDI for having a cruddy band, but really hey The Jonas Brothers use to get boo'd off stage and look at them now

  RyGan  |  0

Maybe you should leave the band. Then maybe you wouldn't get booed off the stage. You can still be a part of it. Just be a groupie or something. Or maybe you could lip sync .

  nickernutz  |  0

my shitty punk band got booed off stage by a bunch of chauchys and guidos and we just laughed at them. embrace it. it's not an fml in the least. just means you're playing to the wrong crowd.


ydi for sucking
ydi for not relizing after the first boo to get off the stage
ydi for posting it on fml so ppl can hate you more
ydi for attempting to be in a band


Dealing with a belligerent crowd is always a good life-lesson to learn. Some drunk guy was trying to muscle his way on stage once, so I cracked him in the face with my microphone. Good times.

  iBurnTrees  |  6

damn that sucks. I'm in two bands so I understand Joe much that has to duck. I don't know why so many ppl think you deserve it, but u definetly do not! keep praticing. you will only get better. good luck!

  thatonek1d  |  0

get some feedback from the crowd so you can improve. if you are Selena Gomez, you could improve by losing the clothes and getting a vibrator. if you are fucking beiber, then I dare you to find an army recruitment stand/booth thing, and try to sign up while dressed as a terrorist suicide bomber. and get it on tape.


yeah I think you posted an FML on here before. aren't you the guy who gave his girlfriend an ultimatum of taking your band seriously or breaking up and she chose the breaking up?

  ilovechuux13  |  0

So just because they're 13 they can't be on FML? And it's summer you asshole, no school. You're older than 13 and still retarded. Mind me for not knowing only older working people are allowed on this site :O

  mebecatie  |  0

well op practice more. and maybe take a few lessons. and prolly a new singer cuz if u have good instrumentals u can only do so much til the singer wants some attention and if the singer sux then ur kinda screwed lol sorry op and if ur the singer, practice more and take vocal lessons. and again I'm gonna say PRACTICE.! just don't practice too much and get polyps(:


look at that.
the mods changed my comment from "bet my left testicle that" to "be my left testicle and."
not quite in my alley for being funny, but what can i do?
i'm a mere waffle.

By  roflinyourwaffle  |  0

YDI for having a band.

YDI for playing shitty enough music to be booed off stage.

YDI for thinking you were good enough to perform in front of public.

YDI for taking guitar hero/rock band too seriously.

YDI for thinking your being in a band is "work" and thereby placing this FML under the said category.