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Today, my roommate decided to fry some bacon. After finishing, he thought it would be easy to clean up if he just tossed the panful of grease out the second story window. Guess where I was standing at the time? FML
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To be fair, the FML says he threw the "pan full of hot grease," which sounds like throwing the entire pan and not just the grease. It probably WAS just the grease, but that's kind of an easy mistake to make. No need to be rude about it.

  nomadxx7  |  0

I thought the same thing about throwing the pan out of the window as it was written but kind of figured it was just the grease later on. Anyways it must not be super bad since you're on FML typing about it. Just falcon punch your roommate and inform him of his/her stupidity. Plus you save that shit man. Just collect it in a mason jar (I use it for my cast iron cookware).

  Mx_Rider  |  6

True ^^^^

hmmm should i pull the fake card? maybe so...
but, like how can you be so stupid and do this, honestly who just cooks bacon and decides hmmmm "Quick solution ill toss it out the window? with out even looking either
FYL son :D

  Bucinka  |  5

Your roommate sounds like a primetime douche. You could have been blinded, or scarred horribly (bacon grease gets pretty hot). I'd make him pay for my ER visit. Then I'd get a new roommate.

  munchly  |  17

number 1, 24, and 25 are retarded! I read this FML and figured out what he was talking about right away. The roommate only threw the grease out the window and YES he was outside the window when this happened. what kind of fml would this be? "my roommate threw grease out the window and guess where I was? inside the bathroom and my roommate is stupid" yeah the joys of FML

  MrsDruidess  |  23

sorry OP, that sucks on a major level. Best thing for bacon grease is to let it cool just a bit and dump it onto an old jar (I use a spaghetti sauce jar) that way you can cap it off and keep it under the sink until its full and toss it without any mess.

  jakedmagic  |  0

No you idiot... I mean look at the FML, it implies that he was driving to Disney World. (See what I did there? I made you all think that I was some dumb guy who thought #2 was serious and not joking. Oh and by the way, are you supposed to use periods and capitalization in parenthesis? )

By  perdix  |  29

I believe he just dumped the grease out the window (even though a good writer would say a "panful of grease".)

Put some mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato on your burns and make a delicious treat out of your disfiguring misfortune.

  perdix  |  29

The way it was originally written "pan full or grease" seems to indicate the grease AND the pan. I would think it is more likely that he threw the grease only and would be more correctly written as "a panful of grease."

By  littlexlion  |  4

Damn, what a waste of grease! Your roomate should have done what Homer Simpson did. He should have tried to make a profit from the grease. He probably could have earned a nickle. :D