First impressions

By medik - 23/02/2010 12:51 - United States

Today, I went over to my girlfriend's parents house for dinner. This was the first time I was meeting them, so I bought a $70 bottle of red wine to try and impress them. I tried to be smooth while popping the cork. I did, but the bottle slipped and red wine poured onto their white carpet. FML
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matt1234321 0

tht was smoooth

Kel_x 0

It cost you $70 to prove to your girlfriend's parents that you're a wanker. FYL.


matt1234321 0

tht was smoooth

damn straight!

allen20 0

Hahahha idiot! or maybe it was ur girlfriends period. You never know ;)

xxjona777xx 0

well at least they will never forget you lol everytime they that stain u will come into mind

bcns 0

u have no idea what the hell ur talkin about, shut up

killabee 0

#8 Really?.....

supastarr 0

I guess u won't be eating dinner there anymore

Yeah #8, that wasn't funny.....

I like eating red carpet! *thud* giggity

Of course, they totally bottle and sell that now. Completely reasonable. Then again, there IS eBay...

you deserve it for wasting money on wine

mow it's, Oxy-Clean versus Sham-Wow, who is going to win this time

M4V3R1CKR13 0

looks like a job for shamWOW

fireobsessed 0

#8 did make me lol a little.....

you opened red wine near a white carpet? are you retarded?

#95 win. Shouldn't the host have been the one to open the bottle?

49 wtf is wrong with your tounge

Hey, accidents happen.

IDKWhatHappened 0

How old are you? 5?

urikuh17 0

atleast he can spell better than most on here. lol 

gabirolon 1

ewwww that's just wrong!!!

especially when you're "trying to be smooth" and end up looking like a dumbass. YDI

1zinzanzin 0

greasy hair!!!!!!

PurpleSquirrel 0


ha, ha dat was some really smart shit

Blue_Coconuts 7

Dude, do you really need to type like that? You sound like all those retarded ass Saints fans saying "Who dat day gonna beat dem Saints?".... Making NFL Sunday annoying to watch. Shit, I can tolerate "u" and "ur" but "dat" makes people sound fucking retarded...

kniickles 0

Whoa, someone's a Nazi.

ihateonyou 0

Who Dat!

75 classic

why cause 3 is black? And that shit is fucking annoying.

Good try at least :/

bridgette5866 0


raithex 0

Haha. Fasho'. Break out the Oxi-Clean.

iSwag 0

That was your first impression? dam that sucks...FYL

Diannaa 0

I like ur lips :)

ISwag has sexy lips.

Omg I hope they don't hate you forever.

I'd say the dad loves u for ruining his wife's carpet and seeing her getting mad... you got yourself a friend dude!!

grayscale_red 0

Loser. Don't try to fake it. It just makes you look like an idiot.

Kel_x 0

It cost you $70 to prove to your girlfriend's parents that you're a wanker. FYL.