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er #150, no they don't. I have nothing against gays but get your facts right. Children from gay couples are more likely to be spoilt and rebellious, also more disobedient and not sticking to rules. they also feel like they need to stand out, thus being attention seeking.

  xNephilim  |  18

I see why she would be upset about not having grandchildren if she only had one child. I want a huge family one day so if I found out it probably won't happen, I would be upset too. Then again, just because you're gay doesn't mean you won't have kids. There is adoption or a surrogate mother.

By  24788  |  6

#5 no I wasn't. He was trying to be nice when he said that, but she took it totally different.

Your brother was hit by a car.
You say at least I'm alright.

It's just kind of like adding to the fire. Who cares if your alright? Deep down your mothers glad your alright, but your brother was just hit by a car. Also she probably has very strong beliefs and that probably really upset her.

It's a very touchy issue for some families. Not everyone is accepting as you wish they would be.