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Today, my stepdaughter called to say hello and to give me a warning: she will do whatever it takes to keep me from having a baby with her dad, including pushing me down the stairs. I'm 12 weeks pregnant, and we were going to tell her this weekend. I'm now petrified of a 10-year-old. FML
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We bent over backwards to make her comfortable. However, I'm not letting her have a say in my baby making. I'm 23 years older than her so she needs to be more respectful.

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jewfroditmer 7

Push the 10 year old down the stairs? Ok, bad plan.

enormouselephant 15

That is so sad, maybe you can get her some help accepting that relationship? But from now on I'd be extra careful..


Sit Down & talk with her??

Sitting down and talking won't help, this kid needs therapy.

unknown_user5566 26

10- Coincidentally, most types of therapy involve sitting down and talking.

HowAreYouToday 34

Coincidentally, most robberies occur when someone is talking and has a gun.

If the stepdaughter is prepared to push OP down the stairs to prevent the pregnancy then it's safe to assume she's most probably a psychopath, and it would be dangerous to approach her or attempt to reason with her.

unknown_user5566 26

28- True, but she's still a 10 year old girl. How hard can it be to detain her?

44 - it may not be that hard, but who's to say the stepdaughter won't try other things before she can be detained? She's already liable for assault, battery and attempted murder. This won't be the last of it. It only takes a second for someone to pull a knife on you (regardless of their age) then you're dead before you realised what happened. If I were OP I'd notify the authorities and the girl's parents. Then barricade my bedroom door at night.

a 10 yr old saying this isn't a too big of a deal. talk about it with ur husband and then take her to a wide open grass field and tell her. she just may be upset her dad remarried and isn't with her mommy. to a ten ur old it's ur fault the family isn't together and she will resent that and make death threats to u. just be cautious and if need be take her to group therapy with u and her father/ur husband. my dad remarried when I was little and I hated my step mom until a few yrs later I realized I was extremely close to her. it takes time for these things to heal so good luck OP and realize that those death shouts are really cries for help from a girl with a broken family.

flockz 19

"True, but she is a 10 year old girl. How hard could it be to detain her?" -said every pedophile ever.

How does a 10 year old push u down the stairs OP? Jw

devandanae 11

It's not that hard to push someone

44- one of my sisters is psychotic. She has crazy super strength when she has one of her fury fits; and she's a tiny little 80LBS bean pole.

ee13lbp 4

79... especially a pregnant woman since they have an extra person attached to their front, reducing their balance.

76 - I had a twelve-year-old female student that was less than a hundred pounds and roughly 5'4". She broke the 6'2" male gym teacher's arm in three places. I imagine a simple push down the stairs isn't that difficult.

Uh, walk up behind her and push. How else?

sorry for my idiotic comment all. I wasn't thinking and, in turn, posted shit. My bad.

HowAreYouToday 34

182- your comment and picture style make me dislike you.

194- Why? He saw his mistake and apologized, which is a helluva lot more than could be said for some losers we all meet on the interwebz.

enormouselephant 15

That is so sad, maybe you can get her some help accepting that relationship? But from now on I'd be extra careful..

It's a kid afraid she will be replaced. Take her to counseling.... Work it out

When I was a kid, I said to my pregnant aunt (at time) things like "I'm going to hit your baby" just because she was tutoring me xD... Of course I wasn't really serious about it, but definitely what 3 said, just more careful. Have your husband talk it out with her.

99 - What the hell is wrong with you? That isn't normal at any age.

123, i never said it was normal? All kinds of things comes out of children's mouth. You can't take all of them seriously, just need to take some kind of precaution. Normal or not, I never did it. The adults still joke about it with me now, I don't find it to be a big deal, hence I shared the story. Ps- before you say what the hell is wrong with you to other, think about your childhood. Don't tell me you never said hateful things to adults.

smb12346 17

Hopefully soon she accepts the relationship. If that's what she is doing to her step mom imagine what she'd do to that new baby?!

151 - The extent of the "hateful" thing I said to adults was usually "I hate you. You're mean", like every other child on earth. I never threatened anyone (or their unborn child) with violence. There's something severely messed up in that and the way you seem to now think it's cute or acceptable behavior.

Holy crap, Mioko, you said stuff like that, not once, but several times? If I tried that my ass would be grass. Any threat of physical violence is unacceptable from a child. Telling a pregnant woman you will hit her baby is absolutely disgusting no matter your age.

213- Actually, It depends on the child's age too. The kid in the Fml is obviously not okay and needs some therapy. But if its like some 5 yo who probably heard it on the tv, its a whole other case. My friend's sister copies some weird shit from the cartoons she sees so I guess what comes out of the kid's mouth is environmental influence.

jewfroditmer 7

Push the 10 year old down the stairs? Ok, bad plan.

ee13lbp 4

Plan A - lock her in a room and ground her until. But plan b is my favorite...

LiterOfCola 16

It might be a little late for "plan B"

LiterOfCola 16

166 would been funnier if you hadn't explained it I laughed when I read it the frowned when I read your next one. But none the less good joke

LiterOfCola 16

203 I only did that cause I checked my comment a few hours later and didn't have the support I was expecting

Beranii 5

Well actually, because I'm a person with half brother and sister I can tell you that the experience is not easy. Luckily I got to deal with it in my late teens, I can't imagine how horrible it would be to have to deal with it as a child. Then again, my step mother is a complete ******* asshole

I think it depends how well op knows the daughter. When I was 6 my mum and my stepdad told me and my sister they were having a baby and we were okay with it because we knew and trusted my step dad, he jumped in to help my mum as soon as my dad left so yeah, I think it depends on their relationship... which obviously isn't good! but saying all this, you need to take into account what her mother might be saying about op! some people can resent that their ex has found someone new and maybe she said some not so nice things in front of the daughter?

jayhawkchik 4

Bad seed. Or, she's trying prevent the birth of the antichrist.... O.0, is your name Rosemary ?

If it is her name, then that's not her baby

Don't let her power over you. You are old enough to make any choice you want, no 10 year old kid will change that if you don't let them. Just tell her that you love her dad very much, and its time you started a family together.

FireFlie07 20

You have to be careful with these kids now though. Remember that like 9 year old that killed his 8 month pregnant stepmom. Shotgun blast while she was sleeping. Kids nowadays are nuts.

No, I haven't actually. But what stupid parent leaves a shotgun in reach of a 9 year old?!

Hiimhaileypotter 52

46- As long as everyone in the house is knowledgeable about guns & gun safety, it's perfectly fine to have 9-year-olds with guns in their reach. But they have to seriously understand gun safety, and not be obviously psychotic....

A 9 year old killed someone because they didn't want a brother or sister? Jeez. That kid has more wrong with him then just being jealous. That's not even close to normal behavior.

52- no, it is NOT okay to have a gun in reach of a underage child, especially a 9 year old. Who knows what they could get up to?! They're young, and they can make stupid decisions at that age.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

62- I didn't mean loaded guns. My dad keeps his guns in places easily accessible to every member of our family. But we are all knowledgeable in gun safety and the guns aren't ever loaded unless my dad is using them.

65- okay, I see. But it's very stupid to leave any type of gun laying around, loaded or unloaded. They could get the wrong idea..stuff like that. I wouldn't teach children about guns until they are at least a teenager..

Kylie bear, Haileypotter, & Fireflies, the knowledge of guns shouldn't be known to kids or teenagers (with obvious mental/emotional issues) in the house. A child might play with it or have intent to use it, a teenager who's suicidal could shoot themselves or someone else if they're angry enough. I just think the guns should be stored away & locked. The key could just be mixed in with an adult's keys. The children won't know where every key goes & parents don't have to explain where every key goes except give them their own house key. But I think it's better not to own a gun.

Guns should always be locked up properly. But in Canada if you want to buy a gun there's a lot more hoops to go through then in the states.

My dad was a hunter. I learned how to fire a gun when I was six. My dad educated me on gun safety and stressed how important it was not to play with them. I never even considered touching those guns when my parents weren't supervising. Guns aren't the problem. The problem is people who don't pay enough attention to their kids to realize that they are having serious emotional problems. The kid who shot his pregnant step mother probably expressed his disapproval of the situation but no one paid attention to him. I doubt he was a happy emotionally stable child who said "hey a gun! Let me go see what it does if I point it at my step mom and pull the trigger". Also, #6 if OP talks to the stepdaughter using those words it will just make her feel more threatened.

68- A teenager?! Oh dang. You didn't grow up in the south or anywhere near a farm, or a place where people hunt, huh? I got a rifle for my 9th birthday and we went hunting when my uncle decided I was decent with targets and understood safety with cleaning, loading an firing the weapon.

106- I meant 16 or older. So near an adult. Where they actually ARE a teenager not some pre-teen age. And not all kids know not to play with guns or use them when their parents are around. I thought you might've read enough news or FMLs to know that kids play with just about anything around them...and once they get their hands on something "fun" to play with (in their mind) it's hard stopping them. You should never leave any guns just laying around. Always put them somewhere locked up, and make sure when you hide them, the kid isn't watching. They get smart nowadays.

My dad used to go hunting every October/November. I grew up with guns and my dad would always be royally upset with me if I ever touched his rifles while he was putting away his gear and wasn't near me to watch and talk to me. I had only ever held a gun up until this year when my dad decided that my brother and I were old enough to shoot. The only reason I know not to shoot people "just cause" is because of how my dad dealt with me around his guns the very few times he let me touch them. There is nothing wrong with growing up around guns as long as the parents watch the kids and teach them safety and morals and values that tell the kid that a gun isn't a device for fast "solutions". Teach the kid that murder is wrong and impress upon them how wrong it is and they are less likely to look at guns in the wrong ways. It's a lack of education that leads to problems. But if they have psychotic tendencies and emotional issues............lock the guns up and hide the key!

And yes, always lock them up. And never leave them loaded and the ammo easily accessible. If you do, you are just asking for an accident or an "accident"

dreamer36 0

My kids are small 4 & 7, and they have been around guns since they were's not the guns that kill people, it's the people holding the guns that kill people..and I'm a firm believer in this. yea we do keep our firearms behind lock and key, but as far as that goes, knowledge about guns and safety is a very important issue in my house. They can't even point their toy guns at anything or anyone or there are consequences.

42: That ain't true; kids these days are just as dangerous as they ever were. The difference is that now, when one of these super-rare events occurs, the media will saturate you with coverage of the incident until you believe that every kid is out to kill you. Don't be afraid!

Agreed. I was raised in a family where all the menfolk (and some of the more tomboyish girls, me included) hunted and I was drilled again and again on gun safety and Daddy always told me "Don't you ever point a gun at something you don't want gone for good". Kids just don't learn proper gun safety nowadays nor that they are not glamorous toys.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

The point I was trying to make was exactly what #91 (Walmartpaysme) said. People shouldn't keep kids from guns because they're dangerous. Kids needs to learn how to be safe around them, and what NOT to do. Like another poster said: guns don't kill people, PEOPLE kill people!

thathipsterchick 2

6- agreed. OP is an adult and can make her own choices, without a 10 year old getting in the way. Im sorry but the lil girl need help.

pabst4america 1

This literally comes down to how much you trust someone to be around a gun in your house, child or not. Just because you tell someone a gun is dangerous doesn't mean they won't use it anyway, whether by choice or stupidity or abnormal behavior.

173, treating the little girl like she is just a problem that is getting in between OP and her husband is just going to make it worse. The kid is probably afraid her daddy would love the new baby more. I'm assuming from OP's wording that the little girl already spends a lot of time with her real mother. She probably feels like her dad doesn't want her around.

Krajjan 9

No, no, no. It's perfectly fine to allow 9 year olds to shoot under direct hands-on supervision in a controlled environment after teaching them extensively about weapon safety and enforcing strict consequences for carelessness. Better to drill the rules in early to prevent them from ever hurting someone. Otherwise you lock the weapons up and hide the ammo. Period.

countryrose92 23

My daughter shot her first gun at age 3, she is not 5 and has shot a 22, a shotgun, and a pistol. We explain to her that if you shoot someone, they will not stand back up and guns are only used for protection. We teach her so she understands how dangerous they can be. We keep a shotgun, loaded but not one in the chamber just in case of an intruder. She knows it's there, she is afraid to go within 5 feet of it because she is educated about it. When we first bought it we allowed her to hold it and showed her how to use it, then she watched as we put the shells in and we explained now its loaded, now it can kill someone so don't touch it, ever unless we are with you helping you. She hasn't touched it since and we got it a year ago. Guns aren't dangerous, they are only dangerous if people are not educated about them. If she were to ever show signs of interest or psychotic difficulties we would lock It up, but she is educated and therefore it is actually safe.

This is your one and only chance to turn all your staircases into slides! And she will love you for doing it too.

Going up will be a bitch but at least you can't get pushed down the stairs.

Tell her father what she said and he punishes her for threatening you and your unborn child. Either way, that kid is cray-cray.

It's actually normal for kids to feel that way-she feels like she's being replaced and perhaps that the father isn't spending enough time her, and consequently doesn't love her any more. Sounds to me like the father needs to have a talk to her and explain that this changes nothing- bet anything it'd do wonders.

Obviously she doesn't have to threaten to kill people though!

It's normal to feel replaced, but not to react so violently.

Well she's not violent, she's a 10 yr old child, who's threatening stuff... Big difference. But the violent threat is obviously not justified.

31 is very right. The dad talking to the daughter might very well help this situation. Kids don't like getting replaced. But the daughter shouldn't be threatening OP. That's over the top.

I don't think a psychological evaluation is too out of place for this. Violent thoughts can easily become violent actions, and this kid obviously needs to be talked to about how she's feeling.

Boarding school it is ... Or get her a British nanny with bad teeth

unknown_user5566 26

Is it just me, or are children becoming increasingly terrifying? Good luck with this OP. I hope you get your husband involved to help get her under control.

Ya get her under control by whipping her little butt.

lelo007 11

I don't think this is going to be an ongoing problem. My thoughts are: She has already suffered through a divorce at a very young age. She has seen her father marry a new woman, therefore ensuring her parents will not be back together. She may feel like if her mother can be replaced, she can, too, which would cause the animosity towards a new addition to her family. I don't think this calls for punishment or therapy, but for her parents, no step parents involved, to sit with her and thoroughly explain that it was not her fault, she won't be replaced, etc. Sometimes a child just needs to be heard out, or else they will act out and say things just for the attention.

ChatterboxChik3x 3

77- for all we know the mother died. The fact that it's her stepdaughter doesn't guarantee that there was a divorce, just that the stepmother is now married to to the father. Just FYI.

lelo007 11

102- I just assumed if the mother had passed, the little girl wouldn't have had to call to say hello. She'd most likely be living with them.. FYI.